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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  1. What if no score appears after I click on a tune?
    The number of tunes with available PDF scores is steadily increasing, but at time of writing there are still many tunes listed, for which the PDF Score is not yet available. For most of  these, there is an audio player with which you can listen to live recordings, and there are MIDI arrangements which you can listen to or download.

  2. Which browsers are supported? 
    Best Classical Tunes works best with Google Chrome, Opera, Microsoft Edge,  Firefox and Internet Explorer.  Opera is now frequently the embedded browser in many brands of 'smart TV', so it is very pleasing to see how well it works with Best Classical Tunes.  The audio/mp3 does not work with Safari/Windows.  Safari/Apple now plays mp3 files, but does not support starting to play them at timed points other than from the start. (Except of course when using the on-screen player manually!). Sadly, this means the site's green play buttons don't work with Safari if you want to start a theme from the middle of a tune.

  3.  Do you provide audio files such as MP3s?
    There is an increasing number of MP3 files of recorded music, and a few MP3s which have been generated from Sibelius "Sounds essentials"  which generates a really excellent sound, especially for smaller ensembles. For copyright reasons, Best Classical Tunes is not attempting to provide a comprehensive library of live recordings by professional performers, however it now boasts a substantial number of excellent recordings by other orchestras and ensembles. It also provides links to streamed MP3 recordings of the current work, or YouTube performances. These links, when available,  are indicated by the 'stream audio/video' button on the tune details screen.

  4. How can I get the score into my own music notation program?
    There are two possible ways. Either print out the score, or download the PDF file of the score, then scan it with your score scanning software that is attached to your music notation program, or else download the MIDI file and feed that into your music notation program, then manually edit the dynamics etc.

  5.  I have composed or arranged some music and would like to publish it on Best Classical Tunes. Can I do this?
    Yes, if it is tuneful, and fits in with the objectives of Best Classical The music must be your own work or arrangement, so you own the copyright, and give express permission for it to be published here.  Or else it must be in the Public Domain. Anyone out there who has scores which they would like to contribute, is welcome to contact the webmaster

  6. How can I contact Best Classical Tunes?
    There is a contacts page with a form to fill in, allowing you to send an e-mail to the webmaster, Hugo Clarke, who is always pleased to receive feedback from people who have used this web-site, and he tries to reply to everyone.

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