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A Symphony is a major work for an orchestra, usually with 4 movements - (1) allegro, (2) lento, (3) minuet or scherzo, then (4) allegro or presto. It represents the culmination of the development of large scale orchestral works from the baroque, through the classical, up  to the romantic period. These movements provide contrasts, though in the later romantic works, there were often connecting themes or motifs uniting the movements.

The first movement of a classical symphony is in sonata form. The second, slow movement often uses several tranquil melodies. The third movement is often a minuet and trio, especially in the symphonies by Mozart and Haydn. Beethoven made this movement faster, and he called it a scherzo, meaning a joke. The fourth movement is sometimes in rondo form, or else it may be in sonata form like the first movement.

A few of the most famous symphonies of all time are Beethoven's 5th, Schubert's 8th (The Unfinished), Tchaikovsky's 6th (Pathetique), Dvorak's 9th (The New World), Mozart's 41st (The Jupiter), and Haydn's 94th (The Surprise).

Tunes belonging to the Symphony category. Audio is available for 286 tunes for this category.
No.Name of WorkComposerEnsemblePeriod
1 Classical Symphony Op 25ProkofievOrchestraModern (Serious)
2 Symphonie Fantastique Op 14BerliozOrchestraRomantic
3 Symphony in CBizetOrchestraRomantic
4 Symphony in D minorFranckOrchestraRomantic
5 Symphony No. 6 in D 'Le Matin' Hob 1:6HaydnOrchestraClassical
6 Symphony No.1 in Ab Op 55ElgarOrchestraRomantic
7 Symphony No.1 in Bb SpringSchumannOrchestraRomantic
8 Symphony No.1 in C minor Op 68BrahmsOrchestraRomantic
9 Symphony No.1 in C, Op 21BeethovenOrchestraClassical
10 Symphony No.1 in D D82SchubertOrchestraRomantic
11 Symphony No.1 in D "Titan"MahlerOrchestraRomantic
12 Symphony No.1 in EbBorodinOrchestraRomantic
13 Symphony No.1 in G minor "Winter Daydreams"TchaikovskyOrchestraRomantic
14 Symphony No.100 in G "Military"HaydnOrchestraClassical
15 Symphony No.101 in D "The Clock"HaydnOrchestraClassical
16 Symphony No.104 in D "London"HaydnOrchestraClassical
17 Symphony No.2 in B minorBorodinOrchestraRomantic
18 Symphony No.2 in Bb D125SchubertOrchestraRomantic
19 Symphony No.2 in C minor "Little Russian" Op 17TchaikovskyOrchestraRomantic
20 Symphony No.2 in C Op 61SchumannOrchestraRomantic
21 Symphony No.2 in D Op 43SibeliusOrchestraRomantic
22 Symphony No.2 in D Op 73BrahmsOrchestraRomantic
23 Symphony No.2 in D, Op 36BeethovenOrchestraClassical
24 Symphony No.29 in A K201MozartOrchestraClassical
25 Symphony No.3 in A minorBorodinOrchestraRomantic
26 Symphony No.3 in A Minor Op 56 "Scotch"MendelssohnOrchestraRomantic
27 Symphony No.3 in DSchubertOrchestraRomantic
28 Symphony No.3 in D Op29 "Polish"TchaikovskyOrchestraRomantic
29 Symphony No.3 in Eb "Eroica"BeethovenOrchestraClassical
30 Symphony No.3 in Eb RhenishSchumannOrchestraRomantic
31 Symphony No.3 in F Op 90BrahmsOrchestraRomantic
32 Symphony No.31 in D K297 'Paris'MozartOrchestraClassical
33 Symphony No.32 in G major K 318MozartOrchestraClassical
34 Symphony No.33 in Bb major K 319MozartOrchestraClassical
35 Symphony No.34 in C major K 338MozartOrchestraClassical
36 Symphony No.35 in D K385 "Haffner"MozartOrchestraClassical
37 Symphony No.36 in C major "Linz" K425MozartOrchestraClassical
38 Symphony No.38 in D major K 504 "Prague"MozartOrchestraClassical
39 Symphony No.39 in Eb K543MozartOrchestraClassical
40 Symphony No.4 in A Op 90 - ItalianMendelssohnOrchestraRomantic
41 Symphony No.4 in Bb Op 60BeethovenOrchestraClassical
42 Symphony No.4 in C minor 'Tragic' D417SchubertOrchestraRomantic
43 Symphony No.4 in D minor Op 120SchumannOrchestraRomantic
44 Symphony No.4 in E minor Op 96BrahmsOrchestraRomantic
45 Symphony No.4 in Eb - RomanticBrucknerOrchestraRomantic
46 Symphony No.4 in F minor Op 36TchaikovskyOrchestraRomantic
47 Symphony No.4 in GMahlerOrchestraRomantic
48 Symphony No.40 in G minor K550MozartOrchestraClassical
49 Symphony No.41 in C - Jupiter K551MozartOrchestraClassical
50 Symphony No.45 in F# minor "Farewell"HaydnOrchestraClassical
51 Symphony No.48 in C "Maria Theresia"HaydnOrchestraClassical
52 Symphony No.49 in F minor 'La Passione'HaydnOrchestraClassical
53 Symphony No.5 in Bb D 485SchubertOrchestraRomantic
54 Symphony No.5 in C minor, Op 67 "Fate"BeethovenOrchestraClassical
55 Symphony No.5 in E minor Op 64TchaikovskyOrchestraRomantic
56 Symphony No.59 in A "Fire"HaydnOrchestraClassical
57 Symphony No.6 in B Minor - PathetiqueTchaikovskyOrchestraRomantic
58 Symphony No.6 in C D589SchubertOrchestraRomantic
59 Symphony No.6 in F, Op 68 (Pastoral)BeethovenOrchestraClassical
60 Symphony No.7 in A Op 92BeethovenOrchestraClassical
61 Symphony No.7 in C 'Le Midi' Hob 1:7HaydnOrchestraClassical
62 Symphony No.8 in B minor - UnfinishedSchubertOrchestraRomantic
63 Symphony No.8 in F Op 93BeethovenOrchestraClassical
64 Symphony No.8 in G 'Le Soir' Hob 1:8HaydnOrchestraClassical
65 Symphony No.8 in G Op 88DvořákOrchestraRomantic
66 Symphony No.88 in GHaydnOrchestraClassical
67 Symphony No.9 in C - GreatSchubertOrchestraRomantic
68 Symphony No.9 in D minor Op 125 'Choral'BeethovenOrchestraClassical
69 Symphony No.9 in E minor - New WorldDvořákOrchestraRomantic
70 Symphony No.90 in C majorHaydnOrchestraClassical
71 Symphony No.92 in G OxfordHaydnOrchestraClassical
72 Symphony No.93 in DHaydnOrchestraClassical
73 Symphony No.94 in G "The Surprise"HaydnOrchestraClassical
74 Symphony No.96 in D "Miracle"HaydnOrchestraClassical
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