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Ballet Music Category (or Ballet Music form)
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Ballet music is music specifically written to accompany dance performances in the theatre.

Ballet began in the late renaissance period, and was greatly influenced in the early baroque at the Versailles court of King Louis 14th of France. He was a dancer himself, nicknamed the Sun King because he danced the part of the sun god Apollo in 1653. Ballet evolved into an elaborate series of difficult movements and positions, requiring highly trained professional dancers. Ballet sequences in the baroque and classical period were often inserted into operas.

In the Romantic period, ballets were performed as a  stage work featuring only the music and dancing, and this is the period when the most famous 'classical' ballets were written. Composers worked closely with choreographers and costume designers to create an integrated work of art. Adam wrote the music for Giselle, Delibes wrote Coppelia, and, most famous of all, Tchaikovsky wrote his 3 ballet masterpieces, Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty and Nutcracker.

In the modern period, Stravinsky is pre-eminent as a ballet music composer, with Firebird, Petrushka, and Rite of Spring. The jagged rhythms and  extreme discordances of his music for the Rite of Spring were designed to accompany some very violent scenes of primitive prehistoric rituals.

Melodias en la categoria Ballet Music. Audio está disponible para 54 melodías de esta categoría.
Name of WorkComposerEnsemblePeriod
Bridal Waltz from Et FolkesagnGadeOrchestraRomantic
Coppelia Ballet SuiteDelibesOrchestraRomantic
Dance of Neighbours, from Three Cornered Hat (El Sombero de Tres Picos)De-FallaOrchestraImpressionist
Dance of the Blessed Spirits - from Orpheus and EuridiceGluckOrchestraBaroque
Dance of the Hours, from La GiocondaPonchielliOrchestraRomantic
Faust Opera. Ballet MusicGounodOrchestraRomantic
Firebird SuiteStravinskyOrchestraModern (Serious)
Gayane BalletKhachaturianOrchestraModern (Serious)
La Boutique Fantasque Ballet(arr. Respighi)RossiniOrchestraRomantic
Le Cid Ballet Music.MassenetOrchestraRomantic
Nutcracker Suite, from the BalletTchaikovskyOrchestraRomantic
Red Poppy Suite, from the BalletGliereOrchestraRomantic
Rite of Spring - Adoration of the EarthStravinskyOrchestraModern (Serious)
Ritual Fire dance from El Amor BrujoDe-FallaOrchestraImpressionist
Romeo and Juliet Suite - Madrigal - Love themeProkofievOrchestraModern (Serious)
Rosamunde Ballet MusicSchubertOrchestraRomantic
Sleeping Beauty - BalletTchaikovskyOrchestraRomantic
Spartacus BalletKhachaturianOrchestraModern (Serious)
Swan Lake BalletTchaikovskyOrchestraRomantic
Sylvia Ballet SuiteDelibesOrchestraRomantic
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