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Franz Josef Haydn was born in Austria in 1732. This composer belonged to the Classical period, and died in 1809. Franz Joseph Haydn

Franz Joseph Haydn (1732 - 1809) was born at Rohrau, Austria.  His father was the village wheelwright, an he had 11 brothers and sisters.   His musical abilities were recognized by his family  early on, and he was taken in as a pupil and boarder by a nearby schoolmaster, to start his musical education.   Two years later he became a choirboy in Vienna at St Stephen's Cathedral.  From the age of 17 until he was 29, Haydn led a meagre existence as a music teacher in Vienna. 

His talent was spotted by a Prince on hearing one of Haydn's early symphonies, and so from 1761 to 1790 he was in the service of the wealthy Esterhazy family, who were his great benefactors for the rest of his life. Of the 104 symphonies Haydn wrote in his life, more than 80 were composed while he was employed by the Esterhazy family. He also wrote concertos, string quartets and piano sonatas.

Haydn was already 24 when Mozart was born, and the younger composer became one of Haydn's friends, and learnt a great deal from him. Haydn's fame had spread across Europe by 1890, and he longed to become free to travel and promote his compositions abroad. Then in 1790 he was "free", on a generous pension, and visited London, where he was acclaimed by all. He wrote his last 12 "London" symphonies in this period. King George III of England offered Haydn a post in London, as  his grandfather George I had also offered a post to Handel.  Unlike Handel, Haydn declined, and returned to Vienna, where he died in 1809, famous all over Europe and honoured by all. He is often called "the Father of the Symphony", or "the father of modern instrumental music".

Works written by Haydn      
Audio is available for 186 tunes by this composer.
No.Name of WorkCategoryEnsembleSoloInstrument
1 Cello Concerto no 1 in C major Hob VIIb:1ConcertoOrchestraCello
2 Cello Concerto no 2 in D major Op 101ConcertoOrchestraCello
3 Divertimento in Bb major 'St Anthony Chorale'.Chamber MusicWind Chamber GroupsOboe
4 German Dances (Deutsche Tanze)WaltzOrchestra 
5 Piano Concerto No.11 in D majorConcertoOrchestraPiano
6 Piano Trio in F Hob XVChamber MusicTrioViolin
7 Sonata in D (BH 37)SonataSoloPiano
8 String Quartet Op 1 No.1 "La Chasse" - 'The Hunt' - JagquartettChamber MusicString QuartetViolin
9 String Quartet Op 1 No.2Chamber MusicString QuartetViolin
10 String Quartet Op 1 No.3Chamber MusicString QuartetViolin
11 String Quartet Op 1 No.4Chamber MusicString QuartetViolin
12 String Quartet Op 1 No.5Chamber MusicString QuartetViolin
13 String Quartet Op 1 No.6Chamber MusicString QuartetViolin
14 String Quartet Op 2 No.1Chamber MusicString QuartetViolin
15 String Quartet Op 2 No.2Chamber MusicString QuartetViolin
16 String Quartet Op 3 No.5 "Serenade"Chamber MusicString QuartetViolin
17 String Quartet Op 9 No.1Chamber MusicString QuartetViolin
18 String Quartet Op 9 No.3Chamber MusicString QuartetViolin
19 String Quartet Op 9 No.4Chamber MusicString QuartetViolin
20 String Quartet Op 20 No.1Chamber MusicString QuartetViolin
21 String Quartet Op 20 No.2Chamber MusicString QuartetViolin
22 String Quartet Op 20 No.3Chamber MusicString QuartetViolin
23 String Quartet Op 54 No.1Chamber MusicString QuartetViolin
24 String Quartet Op 54 No.2Chamber MusicString QuartetViolin
25 String Quartet Op 54 No.3Chamber MusicString QuartetViolin
26 String Quartet Op 64 No.5 "The Lark"Chamber MusicString QuartetViolin
27 String Quartet Op 76 No.2 "Fifths"Chamber MusicString QuartetViolin
28 String Quartet Op 76 No.3 EmperorChamber MusicString QuartetViolin
29 Symphony No. 6 in D 'Le Matin' Hob 1:6SymphonyOrchestra 
30 Symphony No.100 in G "Military"SymphonyOrchestra 
31 Symphony No.101 in D "The Clock"SymphonyOrchestra 
32 Symphony No.104 in D "London"SymphonyOrchestra 
33 Symphony No.45 in F# minor "Farewell"SymphonyOrchestra 
34 Symphony No.48 in C "Maria Theresia"SymphonyOrchestra 
35 Symphony No.49 in F minor 'La Passione'SymphonyOrchestra 
36 Symphony No.59 in A "Fire"SymphonyOrchestra 
37 Symphony No.7 in C 'Le Midi' Hob 1:7SymphonyOrchestra 
38 Symphony No.8 in G 'Le Soir' Hob 1:8SymphonyOrchestra 
39 Symphony No.88 in GSymphonyOrchestraOboe
40 Symphony No.90 in C majorSymphonyOrchestra 
41 Symphony No.92 in G OxfordSymphonyOrchestra 
42 Symphony No.93 in DSymphonyOrchestra 
43 Symphony No.94 in G "The Surprise"SymphonyOrchestra 
44 Symphony No.96 in D "Miracle"SymphonyOrchestra 
45 Trumpet Concerto in EbConcertoOrchestraTrumpet
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