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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born in Austria in 1756. This composer belonged to the Classical period, and died in 1791. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart  is the supreme exponent of classical music, indeed, for many music lovers, his music represents the essence of Western civilization itself.

Mozart was a child prodigy and a prolific genius, born in Salzburg, Austria.  The house in which he was born is shown in the photo at right. His father Leopold was a violinist in the Archbishop's private orchestra. He travelled round Europe with his sister Marianne, (whom the family affectionately called Nannerl)  at the age of six, performing as infant prodigies, and travelled extensively throughout his short life. Young  Mozart (aged 6) and his sister Nannerl performed in front of King George III of England in 1763. He visited Italy and  later, Munich, with his father Leopold, and then in 1777 at the age of 19, he visited Paris with his mother. There he wrote his Flute and Harp Concerto, and the Paris Symphony. Tragically, his mother died suddenly in Paris.

In 1778 he returned to Salzburg and became court and cathedral organist for the Archbishop. In 1781 he requested to leave his employment with the Archbishop of Salzburg, and was literally booted out!  He moved to Vienna, married a singer, Constanze Weber, and started writing operas.

He was feckless with money, and was constantly borrowing money from other Freemasons. His success with his operas and other major orchestral works did not adequately support his family and his sick wife. He died in 1791 before completing his Requiem, many people affirm that he knew it was for himself! He was buried as pauper in Vienna.


Works written by Mozart      
Audio is available for 315 tunes by this composer.
No.Name of WorkCategoryEnsembleSoloInstrument
1 Abduction from the Seraglio - OvertureOvertureOrchestra 
2 Andantino, Piano Concerto No.9 (arr. Busoni)Short PieceSoloPiano
3 Ave Verum Corpus K618SacredChoirChoirVoices
4 Bassoon Concerto K191ConcertoOrchestraBassoon
5 Clarinet Concerto in A K622ConcertoOrchestraClarinet
6 Clarinet Quintet in A K581 for clarinet and stringsChamber MusicWind Chamber GroupsClarinet
7 Divertimento in Bb KV240Chamber MusicTrioViolin
8 Divertimento in Bb K 137Chamber MusicString QuartetViolin
9 Divertimento in D K136Chamber MusicString QuartetViolin
10 Divertimento in Eb K252 (piano trio)Chamber MusicTrioViolin
11 Divertimento in F K138Chamber MusicString QuartetViolin
12 Divertimento No.2 in D, K131. - MenuettoChamber MusicOrchestra 
13 Don GiovanniOperaOrchestraVoice
14 Fantasy in c, K. 475Short PieceSoloPiano
15 Fantasy in c, K.396Short PieceSoloPiano
16 Fantasy in d, K. 397Short PieceSoloPiano
17 Flute and Harp Concerto K299ConcertoOrchestraHarp
18 Flute Concerto in D K 314 (also Oboe Concerto in C)ConcertoOrchestraFlute
19 Flute Concerto in G K313ConcertoOrchestraFlute
20 Flute Quartet in D K285Chamber MusicString QuartetFlute
21 Horn Concerto No.1 in D K412ConcertoOrchestraFrench Horn
22 Horn Concerto No.2 in Eb major K417ConcertoOrchestraFrench Horn
23 Horn Concerto No.3 in Eb K447ConcertoOrchestraFrench Horn
24 Horn Concerto No.4 in Eb major K495ConcertoOrchestraFrench Horn
25 La Clemenza di TitoOperaOrchestra 
26 Le Nozze di FigaroOperaOrchestra 
27 Lullaby (Sleep Little Prince)Short PieceSoloPiano
28 Magic Flute (Die Zauberflote)OperaOrchestra 
29 Magic Flute OvertureOvertureOrchestra 
30 Menuetto No.6 in D K355Short PieceSoloPiano
31 Minuet from Divertimento K334Chamber MusicString QuartetViolin
32 Minuet in G (written while only 7 years old)Short PieceSoloPiano
33 Oboe Concerto in C K314ConcertoOrchestraOboe
34 Oboe Quartet in F K 370Chamber MusicOther EnsemblesOboe
35 Piano Concerto No.1 in F K37ConcertoOrchestraPiano
36 Piano Concerto No.12 in A K414ConcertoOrchestraPiano
37 Piano Concerto No.14 in Eb K449ConcertoOrchestraPiano
38 Piano Concerto No.15 in Bb K450ConcertoOrchestraPiano
39 Piano Concerto No.2 in B K39ConcertoOrchestraPiano
40 Piano Concerto No.20 in D Minor K466ConcertoOrchestraPiano
41 Piano Concerto No.21 in C K467ConcertoOrchestraPiano
42 Piano Concerto No.22 in Eb K482ConcertoOrchestraPiano
43 Piano Concerto No.23 in A K488ConcertoOrchestraPiano
44 Piano Concerto No.24 in C minor K491ConcertoOrchestraPiano
45 Piano Concerto No.25 in C K503ConcertoOrchestraPiano
46 Piano Concerto No.26 in D K537ConcertoOrchestraPiano
47 Piano Concerto No.3 in D K40ConcertoOrchestraPiano
48 Piano Concerto No.4 in G K 41ConcertoOrchestraPiano
49 Piano Concerto No.6 in Bb K238ConcertoOrchestraPiano
50 Piano Concerto No.8 in C K 246ConcertoOrchestraPiano
51 Piano Quartet in G minor K478Chamber MusicString QuartetPiano
52 Piano Trio in Bb K502Chamber MusicTrioViolin
53 Piano Trio in C K548Chamber MusicTrioViolin
54 Piano Trio in E K542Chamber MusicTrioViolin
55 Piano Trio in Eb "Kegelstadt" K498Chamber MusicTrioViola
56 Piano Trio in G K496Chamber MusicTrioViolin
57 Piano Trio in G K564Chamber MusicTrioViolin
58 Quintet for piano and woodwinds, K452Chamber MusicWind Chamber GroupsPiano
59 Requiem: Confutatis & Lacrimosa (arr. Liszt)SacredSoloPiano
60 Serenade in G K525 Eine Kleine Nachtmusik - arr. for clarinet and piano.Chamber MusicDuetClarinet
61 Serenade in G K525 Eine Kleine Nachtmusik - arr. for violin and pianoChamber MusicDuetViolin
62 Serenade in G K525 Eine Kleine Nachtmusik - string quartetChamber MusicString QuartetViolin
63 Sinfonia Concertante for violin and violaConcertoOrchestraViolin
64 Sinfonia Concertante in Eb for winds, K297bConcertoOrchestraOboe
65 Sonata, K.279 in CSonataSoloPiano
66 Sonata, K.280 in F majorSonataSoloPiano
67 Sonata, K.281 in B-flatSonataSoloPiano
68 Sonata, K.282 in E-flatSonataSoloPiano
69 Sonata, K.283 in GSonataSoloPiano
70 Sonata, K.284 in DSonataSoloPiano
71 Sonata, K.309 in CSonataSoloPiano
72 Sonata, K.310 in A minorSonataSoloPiano
73 Sonata, K.311 in DSonataSoloPiano
74 Sonata, K.330 in CSonataSoloPiano
75 Sonata, K.331 in ASonataSoloPiano
76 Sonata, K.332 in F majorSonataSoloPiano
77 Sonata, K.333 in B-flatSonataSoloPiano
78 Sonata, K.457 in CSonataSoloPiano
79 Sonata, K.533 in FSonataSoloPiano
80 Sonata, K.545 in CSonataSoloPiano
81 Sonata, K.570 in B-flatSonataSoloPiano
82 Sonata, K.576 in DSonataSoloPiano
83 Sonatina in B-flat, Op.439b, No.4SonataSoloPiano
84 Sonatina in F, Op.439b, No.5SonataSoloPiano
85 String Quartet No. 3 in G K156Chamber MusicString QuartetViolin
86 String Quartet No.14 in G major, K387Chamber MusicString QuartetViolin
87 String Quartet No.15 in D minor K421Chamber MusicString QuartetViolin
88 String Quartet No.16 in Eb K428Chamber MusicString QuartetViolin
89 String Quartet No.17 in Bb K 458 "The Hunt"Chamber MusicString QuartetViolin
90 String Quartet No.18 in A K464Chamber MusicString QuartetViolin
91 String Quartet No.19 in C K465 "Dissonant"Chamber MusicString QuartetViolin
92 String Quartet No.20 in D major K499 'Hoffmeister'.Chamber MusicString QuartetViolin
93 String Quartet No.21 in D major K575Chamber MusicString QuartetViolin
94 String Quartet No.22 in Bb major K589Chamber MusicString QuartetViolin
95 String Quartet No.23 in F major K590Chamber MusicString QuartetViolin
96 Symphony No.29 in A K201SymphonyOrchestra 
97 Symphony No.31 in D K297 'Paris'SymphonyOrchestra 
98 Symphony No.32 in G major K 318SymphonyOrchestra 
99 Symphony No.33 in Bb major K 319SymphonyOrchestra 
100 Symphony No.34 in C major K 338SymphonyOrchestra 
101 Symphony No.35 in D K385 "Haffner"SymphonyOrchestra 
102 Symphony No.36 in C major "Linz" K425SymphonyOrchestra 
103 Symphony No.38 in D major K 504 "Prague"SymphonyOrchestra 
104 Symphony No.39 in Eb K543SymphonyOrchestra 
105 Symphony No.40 in G minor K550SymphonyOrchestra 
106 Symphony No.41 in C - Jupiter K551SymphonyOrchestra 
107 Variations on "Ah, vous dirais-je, maman"VariationsSoloPiano
108 Violin Concerto No.3 in G K216ConcertoOrchestraViolin
109 Violin Concerto No.4 in D K218ConcertoOrchestraViolin
110 Violin Concerto No.5 in A "Turkish" K219ConcertoOrchestraViolin
111 Violin Sonata in D, K29SonataDuetViolin
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