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Unknown or Various Various was born in Various Countries in 0. This composer belonged to the Traditional period Various

Various simply means that the composer is unknown (anonymous), or could not be identified. 

Most traditional and timeless folk music belongs to the work of the prolific composer "Various"!

Works written by Various      
Audio is available for 187 tunes by this composer.
No.Name of WorkCategoryEnsembleSoloInstrument
1 A Nightingale Sang in Berkely SquareJazzBig BandSaxAlto
2 A Shanty in Old Shanty TownJazzTrad Jazz BandTrumpet
3 Advance Australia FairSongOrchestra 
4 Agogo TuneShort PieceSoloAgogo
5 Ain't She SweetPopular SongsOther EnsemblesVibes
6 All Through the NightFolk SongSoloViolin
7 Alle Vogel Sind Schon DaFolk SongSoloShakuhachi
8 AlleluiaSacredChoirChoirVoices
9 Along the Road to GundagaiPopular SongsTrad Jazz BandTrumpet
10 Angels from the Realms of GlorySacredString QuartetViolin
11 Annie LaurieFolk SongOther EnsemblesFlute
12 Are You Going to Scarborough Fair?Folk SongOrchestraPiano
13 As I was going to Strawberry FairFolk SongDuetChoirVoices
14 Au Clair de la LuneNursery RhymesWind Chamber GroupsClarinet
15 Auld Lang SyneFolk SongSoloPiano
16 Aura LeeFolk SongChoir 
17 Autumn LeavesPopular SongsOrchestraPiano
18 Away in a MangerSacredOther EnsemblesFlute
19 Baa baa Black SheepNursery RhymesSoloPiano
20 Barbara AllenFolk SongString QuartetViolin
21 Bare NecessitiesJazzTrad Jazz BandTrumpet
22 Begone Dull CareFolk SongOrchestraFlute
23 Believe me, if all those endearing young charmsFolk SongDuetOboe
24 Besame MuchoPopular SongsRhythm ComboPiano
25 Blow Away the Morning DewFolk SongWind Chamber GroupsClarinet
26 Blow the Man DownFolk SongDuetViolin
27 Blue Bells of ScotlandFolk SongDuetTrumpet
28 Bobby ShaftoeFolk SongDuetPiccolo
29 Boney was a warriorFolk SongSoloWhistle
30 Botany BayFolk SongSoloViolin
31 British Grenadiers MarchFolk SongBrass BandTrumpet
32 Cambells are comi'.Folk SongDuetBagPipe
33 Cape Cod GirlsFolk SongSoloFlute
34 Charlie is my DarlingFolk SongTrioOboe
35 CharmaineWaltzPops OrchestraTrumpet
36 Chattanooga Choo ChooJazzBig BandSaxAlto
37 Cherry RipeSongDuetFlute
38 Chicken dancePopular SongsOther EnsemblesTrumpet
39 Christmas Jazz MedleyJazzBig Band 
40 Cockles and MusselsFolk SongOther EnsemblesFlute
41 Colonel Bogey MarchMarchMilitary BandFlute
42 Come Lasses and LadsFolk SongSoloPiano
43 Comin' thro' the RyeFolk SongSoloPiano
44 Coventry CarolSacredChoir 
45 DaisySongDuetViolin
46 Days of Wine and RosesPopular SongsOrchestra 
47 Deck the Halls with Boughs of HollySongSoloPiano
48 Deep PurplePopular SongsRhythm ComboPiano
49 Ding Dong Merrily on HighSacredChoirChoirVoices
50 Drink To Me Only With Thine EyesFolk SongDuetCello
51 Early One MorningFolk SongTrioOboe
52 Eriskay Love LiltFolk SongSoloPiano
53 First Noel (Christmas Carol)SacredSoloPiano
54 For He's a Jolly Good FellowFolk SongSoloPiano
55 Frère JacquesFolk SongWind Chamber GroupsOboe
56 Fuchs, du hast die Gans gestohlenFolk SongRhythm ComboClarinet
57 Girls and Boys come Out to PlayNursery RhymesSoloPiano
58 God Defend New ZealandSacredOrchestraTrumpet
59 God Rest You Merry GentlemenSacredDuetOrgan
60 God Save the QueenSacredOrchestra 
61 Golden SlumbersFolk SongPops OrchestraSaxTenor
62 Good King WenceslasSacredSoloPiano
63 Goosey Goosey GanderNursery RhymesSoloPiano
64 GreensleevesFolk SongDuetFlute
65 Happy BirthdayPopular SongsSoloPiano
66 Heart of my Heart (version 2)JazzTrad Jazz BandTrumpet
67 Here we go gathering Nuts in MayFolk SongSoloPiano
68 Here's a Health unto his MajestyFolk SongDuetTrombone
69 Hey Diddle DiddleNursery RhymesTrioViolin
70 Hickory Dickory Dock, the Mouse Ran up the ClockNursery RhymesTrioFrench Horn
71 Holly and the IvySacredDuetEnglishHorn
72 Home on the RangeSongOther EnsemblesVoice
73 Hot Cross BunsFolk SongSoloPiano
74 How About YouPopular SongsRhythm ComboPiano
75 Humpty Dumpty Sat on a WallNursery RhymesDuetSaxAlto
76 I had a little Nut treeFolk SongDuetOboe
77 I love to go a-wandering,SongOther EnsemblesHarmonica
78 I saw Three ShipsFolk SongSoloPiano
79 Il était une BergèreFolk SongString QuartetEnglishHorn
80 I'm in the Mood for LovePopular SongsPops OrchestraPiano
81 It Came Upon a Midnight ClearSacredDuetViolin
82 Jack And JillNursery RhymesPops OrchestraPizzicato Strings
83 Jamaica farewell (Kingston Town)Folk SongOther EnsemblesSteel Drums
84 Jamaican RhumbaShort PieceSoloPiano
85 John Brown's BodyFolk SongDuetFlute
86 John Peel (Do you ken John Peel)Folk SongDuetFlute
87 Keel RowFolk SongDuetViolin
88 Lavender's BlueFolk SongSoloPiano
89 Lazy RiverJazzBig BandClarinet
90 Les Bicyclettes de BelsizePopular SongsOther EnsemblesFlute
91 Lightly Row (Hanschen klein)Folk SongSoloPiano
92 Lincolnshire PoacherFolk SongDuetFlute
93 Little Bo PeepNursery RhymesSoloPiano
94 Loch LomondFolk SongSoloBagPipe
95 London Bridge is falling down.Nursery RhymesSoloPiano
96 Londonderry Air (Oh Danny Boy)Folk SongOther EnsemblesGuitar
97 Love is a many Splendored ThingPopular SongsPops OrchestraPiano
98 Lullaby of BirdlandJazzRhythm ComboPiano
99 Marching Through GeorgiaFolk SongMilitary Band 
100 Mary had a Little LambNursery RhymesSoloPiano
101 Mary Mary Quite Contrary, How does your Garden Grow?Nursery RhymesString QuartetViolin
102 Men of HarlechFolk SongOrchestraTrumpet
103 Michael Row the Boat AshoreJazzTrad Jazz BandTrumpet
104 Minstrel Boy (The)Folk SongDuetFlute
105 Moonlight SerenadeJazzBig BandSaxAlto
106 My Bonnie lies over the OceanFolk SongOther EnsemblesGuitar
107 My Love is like a red red RoseSongDuetVoice
108 O Come all ye FaithfulSacredSoloOrgan
109 O du lieber AugustinFolk SongSoloMusic Box
110 O Little Town of BethlehemSacredTrioFlute
111 Oak and the AshFolk SongDuetViolin
112 Oh My Darling ClementineFolk SongRhythm ComboSaxTenor
113 Oh Where, oh Where has my Little Dog Gone?Nursery RhymesDuetOboe
114 Oh, No JohnFolk SongSoloAccordion
115 Once in a WhilePopular SongsRhythm ComboPiano
116 One Two, Three Four FiveNursery RhymesSoloPiano
117 Oranges and Lemons, say the Bells of St ClemensNursery RhymesSoloPiano
118 Over the RainbowPopular SongsOrchestraVoice
119 Picnic TimePopular SongsPops Orchestra 
120 Polly OliverFolk SongSoloViolin
121 Pop Goes the WeaselFolk SongSoloPiano
122 PortsmouthFolk SongOther EnsemblesFlute
123 Quando Quando - sambaPopular SongsPops OrchestraClarinet
124 Que Sera, SeraWaltzPops OrchestraTrumpet
125 Rampart Street ParadeJazzRhythm ComboPiano
126 Ride a Cock Horse to Banbury CrossNursery RhymesDuetGuitar
127 Ring-A-RosesNursery RhymesSoloFlute
128 Robin AdairFolk SongSoloPiano
129 Robin Hood and the Curtal FriarFolk SongSoloPiano
130 Rock My SoulJazzTrad Jazz BandClarinet
131 RockingFolk SongSoloPiano
132 Roses are RedPopular SongsPops OrchestraStrings
133 Rudolph the Red-nosed ReindeerPopular SongsSoloPiano
134 Rumba from JamaicaPopular SongsPops OrchestraGuitar
135 San FranPopular SongsPops OrchestraClarinet
136 Santa Claus is Coming to TownPopular SongsSoloPiano
137 Saviour, When in Dust to Thee (Hymn)SacredSoloOrgan
138 Scotland the BraveFolk SongSoloClarinet
139 Scots wha hae' wi' Wallace bledFolk SongSoloPiano
140 She'll be Coming Round the Mountain When She ComesFolk SongTrad Jazz BandClarinet
141 Shepherds AwakenSacredSoloVoice
142 Silent NightSacredString QuartetViolin
143 Sing a Song of SixpenceNursery RhymesTrioTrumpet
144 Skye Boat SongFolk SongDuetFlute
145 Snow White and the seven DwarfsPopular SongsPops Orchestra 
146 Song of the Volga BoatmenFolk SongSoloPiano
147 South of the Border TangoPopular SongsPops OrchestraTrumpet
148 South WindFolk SongDuetViolin
149 Spanish LadyPopular SongsOther EnsemblesAccordion
150 St. Valentine's DayShort PieceDuetViolin
151 Summer is a-coming inSongChoirChoirVoices
152 Sur Le PontFolk SongSoloPiano
153 Sweet Lass from Richmond HillFolk SongSoloClarinet
154 Taking a Chance on LovePopular SongsRhythm ComboPiano
155 Tea Cha ChaPopular SongsPops OrchestraMuted Trumpet
156 The Ash GroveFolk SongSoloPiano
157 The Dashing White SergeantFolk SongOther EnsemblesAccordion
158 The Girl I left Behind Me.Folk SongDuetViolin
159 The Magistrate's LassFolk SongSoloClarinet
160 The Mill WheelFolk SongSoloPiano
161 The Vicar of BrayFolk SongDuetClarinet
162 The Water is WideFolk SongDuetVoice
163 The Yellow Rose of TexasFolk SongOther EnsemblesPiccolo
164 There is a Tavern in the TownFolk SongDuetFlute
165 There was a Jolly MillerFolk SongOther EnsemblesBassoon
166 These Foolish ThingsPopular SongsRhythm ComboPiano
167 This Old ManFolk SongSoloRecorder
168 Three Blind MiceNursery RhymesTrioFlute
169 Three Coins in the FountainPopular SongsPops OrchestraPiano
170 TiritombaFolk SongDuetClarinet
171 True Love (Swabian Air)Folk SongSoloPiano
172 Twinkle Twinkle Little StarNursery RhymesOther EnsemblesOboe
173 Unto Us is Born a SonSacredSoloVoice
174 Upon Paul's SteepleFolk SongSoloBells
175 Waltzing MatildaFolk SongOther EnsemblesClarinet
176 We wish You a Merry ChristmasFolk SongDuetClarinet
177 What can the Matter be?Folk SongSoloPiano
178 When I Fall in LovePopular SongsPops OrchestraVoice
179 When Johnny Comes Marching HomeFolk SongBrass BandTrumpet
180 When You Wish Upon a StarPopular SongsPops Orchestra 
181 Where Are You Going My Pretty Maid?Folk SongSoloFlute
182 Who's Sorry NowPopular SongsTrad Jazz BandTrumpet
183 Wi' A Hundred PipersFolk SongSoloPiano
184 Widdicombe FairFolk SongDuetOboe
185 Wild Colonial BoyFolk SongDuetViolin
186 Will Ye No Come Back AgainFolk SongSoloPiano
187 Wraggle Taggle Gypsies OhFolk SongSoloViolin
188 Yankee Doodle DandyFolk SongMilitary Band 
189 Ye Banks and Braes of Bonny DoonFolk SongDuetViolin
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