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Franz Peter Schubert was born in Austria in 1797. This composer belonged to the Romantic period, and died in 1828. Franz Schubert

Franz Schubert was born in Vienna, Austria, in 1797. The originator and supreme exponent of the modern German Lied, and a genius at melodic invention, he wrote 9 symphonies, much piano and chamber music, and the famous song cycles.

Schubert admired Beethoven, but did not enjoy the same fame in his lifetime. Schubert's world was one of more intimate meetings of friends in houses and salons, playing piano works, songs, and chamber music. His art was founded on solid classical traditions, but he also became a supreme romantic, inspired by the natural beauty of the Austrian Tyrol, where he frequently hiked with his singer friend Johann Vogl.  His string quartet The Trout based on his own song written earlier, is a supreme example of his chamber music.

He became seriously ill in his last four years, but his musical output was prolific none the less. He wrote the 8th Symphony (Unfinished), his 9th Symphony (The Great), and The Shepherd on the Rock in this last period. He died tragically in 1828 at the age of only 31.

Obras escritas por Schubert      
Audio está disponible para 82 melodías de esto compositor.

Name of WorkOpusCategoryEnsembleSoloInstrument
Der Erlkonig - Lied SongDuetVoice
Des Teufels Lustschloss - OvertureD 84OvertureOrchestra 
Fierabras OvertureD 796OvertureOrchestra 
Impromptu No.2 in Ab Op.142Op 142Short PieceSoloPiano
Impromptu No.3 in Gb Op 90Op 90Short PieceSoloPiano
Impromptu Op 142 No.3 in BbOp 142 no 3Short PieceSoloPiano
Landler No.1 in Eb Short PieceSoloPiano
Marche Militaire in D, Op 51 No.1Op 51 No 1MarchDuetPiano
Military March Op 51 No.2 in GOp 51 No 2MarchDuetPiano
Moment Musical Op 94 No.3 in F minorOp 94 no 3Short PieceSoloPiano
Piano Quintet in A D667 'Trout'D667Chamber MusicString QuartetPiano
Piano Trio in Bb Op 99 for piano violin and celloOp 99Chamber MusicTrioViolin
Piano Trio in Eb Op 100 No.2Op 100 No 2Chamber MusicTrioViolin
Rosamunde Ballet Music Ballet MusicOrchestra 
Serenade in D Minor  SongDuetPiano
Sonatina in A minor Op 137 No.2Op 137 No 2SonataDuetViolin
Sonatina in D Op 137 No.1Op 137 No1SonataDuetViolin
Sonatina in G minor Op 137 No.3Op 137 No 3SonataDuetViolin
String Quartet in D minor D810 'Death and the Maiden'D810Chamber MusicString QuartetViolin
String Quartet No.13 in A minor Op 29 'Rosamunde'Op 29Chamber MusicString QuartetViolin
String Quintet in C D956 Op 163Op 163Chamber MusicOther EnsemblesViolin
Symphony No.1 in D D82D 82SymphonyOrchestra 
Symphony No.2 in Bb D125D 125SymphonyOrchestra 
Symphony No.3 in D SymphonyOrchestra 
Symphony No.4 in C minor 'Tragic' D417D 417SymphonyOrchestra 
Symphony No.5 in Bb D 485D 485SymphonyOrchestra 
Symphony No.6 in C D589D 589SymphonyOrchestra 
Symphony No.8 in B minor - Unfinished SymphonyOrchestra 
Symphony No.9 in C - Great SymphonyOrchestra 
The Linden Tree (Der Lindenbaum) SongSoloPiano
The Trout (Song) "Die Forelle", - clarinet and pianoD550 Op 32SongDuetClarinet
The Wanderer (Das Wandern) SongSoloPiano
Waltzes - from 36 Original Dances D365 WaltzSoloPiano
Who is Sylvia (An Silvia) SongChoirVoice
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