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Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland, whose area is 78,789 square kilometres, and its population is 5,119,000 people.

Scotland is the most northerly country of Great Britain, occupying about one third of the land area. In 1707, when King James VI of Scotland became also King James I of England,  Scotland became a part of Great Britain.   Scotland was then ruled by the UK parliament in London for nearly 300 years, until in 1999 a new Scottish parliament was established in Edinburgh.

Scotland has a rich heritage of folk music, which displays distinctive Scottish characteristics such as the Scottish Snap and the use of the pentatonic scale. And bag-pipes are almost exclusively regarded as the Scottish national instrument, though differing forms of bag-pipes are found in several other countries, including Ireland, and Italy.

Sadly, no world-famous 'art-music' composers have emerged from Scotland. William Wallace (born in Greenock) was fairly well-known at the close of the 19th century in the UK. It has been left to foreign composers such as Mendelssohn to utilize Scottish characteristics in their music. Mendelssohn was greatly attracted to Scotland, as evidenced by his overture Fingal's cave, and his Scottish Symphony.   The Norwegian composer Grieg was born in Bergen, Norway, but his father was from Scotland!


Tunes originating from Scotland. Audio is available for 18 tunes from this country.
No.Name of WorkComposerCategoryEnsemble
1 Annie LaurieVariousFolk SongOther Ensembles
2 Auld Lang SyneVariousFolk SongSolo
3 Blue Bells of ScotlandVariousFolk SongDuet
4 Blue Bells of ScotlandWallaceShort PieceSolo
5 Cambells are comi'.VariousFolk SongDuet
6 Charlie is my DarlingVariousFolk SongTrio
7 Comin' thro' the RyeVariousFolk SongSolo
8 Eriskay Love LiltVariousFolk SongSolo
9 Loch LomondVariousFolk SongSolo
10 My Bonnie lies over the OceanVariousFolk SongOther Ensembles
11 My Love is like a red red RoseVariousSongDuet
12 Robin AdairVariousFolk SongSolo
13 Scotland the BraveVariousFolk SongSolo
14 Scots wha hae' wi' Wallace bledVariousFolk SongSolo
15 Skye Boat SongVariousFolk SongDuet
16 Wi' A Hundred PipersVariousFolk SongSolo
17 Will Ye No Come Back AgainVariousFolk SongSolo
18 Ye Banks and Braes of Bonny DoonVariousFolk SongDuet
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