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Dublin is the capital of Ireland, whose area is 70,282 square kilometres, and its population is 3,681,000 people.

Ireland is renowned for the lyrical quality of its folk songs, handed down over generations by oral tradition. The emblem of Ireland is the Irish harp, because this was a favourite instrument in earlier centuries dating right back to the Middle Ages. Another traditional Irish instrument is the Irish bag-pipe, which is blown from a bellows, not by the player's breath as in the Scottish bag-pipe.

Dublin was an important musical centre in the 18th century, and its Academy of Music was founded in 1757. Handel's Messiah was first performed in Dublin in 1742.

John Field and Charles Villiers Stanford are two prominent Irish composers from the 19th century. John Field is especially remarkable because he was born towards the end of the classical era, and his piano-playing while a young child prodigy was heard by the grand old master of classical music, Josef Haydn. But he became the pioneer of romantic piano music, and invented the Nocturne.

Melodien aus Ireland stammen. Audio ist für 16 Melodien von dieser Land verfügbar.
Name of WorkComposerCategoryEnsemble
Believe me, if all those endearing young charmsVariousFolk SongDuet
Cockles and MusselsVariousFolk SongOther Ensembles
I dreamt that I dwelt in marble halls, from The Bohemian GirlBalfeOperaSolo
Irish Rhapsody No.1StanfordTone PoemOrchestra
Last Rose of SummerStevensonFolk SongSolo
Londonderry Air (Oh Danny Boy)VariousFolk SongOther Ensembles
Minstrel Boy (The)VariousFolk SongDuet
Nocturne No 4 in AFieldShort PieceSolo
Nocturne No.1 in EbFieldShort PieceSolo
Nocturne No.5 in BbFieldShort PieceSolo
South WindVariousFolk SongDuet
The Girl I left Behind Me.VariousFolk SongDuet
The Harp that Once through Tara's HallsStevensonSongDuet
When Johnny Comes Marching HomeVariousFolk SongBrass Band
When other lips (Will you remember me) - from The Bohemian GirlBalfeOperaDuet
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