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Moscow is the capital of Russia, whose area is 17,075,400 square kilometres, and its population is 147,434,000 people.

Russia had virtually no instrumental music before Tsar Peter the Great ascended the throne in 1682. The Russian orthodox church strictly forbad instruments in churches and discouraged their use everywhere else. In churches, monophonic chant was the rule, then polyphonic chant from about 1600.

Tsar Peter the Great built a magnificent City, St Petersburg, on swampland. He employed foreign musicians to develop bands and instrumental musicians for his court. The taste for music developed rapidly, and Haydn's music, as well as that of other classical composers, was regularly performed in St Petersburg. The first distinctly Russian composer to emerge was Glinka.(1804-1857).

Russian music really flowered in the 2nd half of the 19th century. The group of five, Balakirev, Mussorgsky, Borodin, Rimsky-Korsakov and Cui, composed in a distinctively Russian style, involving elements of Russian folk music. Tchaikovsky tended more to the romantic Germanic style, but he also was influenced to a lesser extent by the Russian nationalistic movement.

After the Russian revolution in 1917, and the establishment of the authoritarian communist regime under Lenin, the most eminent composers escaped to the West, including Rachmaninov and Prokofiev.    However, the most famous Russian of the 20th century, Igor Stravinsky, was already abroad in Paris, so he stayed there, and later emigrated to the USA. By contrast, Shostakovich stayed in the Soviet Union, and managed to survive the censoring of the Stalinist Composer's Union, by complying with their directives, and withholding works of which he knew they would not approve.

Melodien aus Russia stammen. Audio ist für 137 Melodien von dieser Land verfügbar.
Name of WorkComposerCategoryEnsemble
Procession of the Sardar from Caucasian Sketches.IppolitovIvanovMarchSolo
Alexander's Ragtime BandBerlinJazzTrad Jazz Band
AlwaysBerlinWaltzRhythm Combo
Blue SkiesBerlinJazzBig Band
Capriccio Espagnol Op 34Rimsky-KorsakovTone PoemOrchestra
Capriccio Italien Op 45TchaikovskyTone PoemOrchestra
Cheek to CheekBerlinPopular SongsSolo
Classical Symphony Op 25ProkofievSymphonyOrchestra
Dance of the Tumblers, from "Snow Maiden"Rimsky-KorsakovOperaOrchestra
Etude, Op. 2, No.11 in c-sharpScriabinShort PieceSolo
Eugin OneginTchaikovskyOperaOrchestra
Festival Overture 1812TchaikovskyOvertureOrchestra
Firebird SuiteStravinskyBallet MusicOrchestra
Gayane BalletKhachaturianBallet MusicOrchestra
Hamlet Fantasy Overture Op 67TchaikovskyOvertureOrchestra
Hopak - from the Fair at Sorochinsk (Opera)MussorgskyOperaOrchestra
Impromptu in B, Opus 25 No.1ArenskyShort PieceSolo
Islamey - Oriental FantasyBalakirevShort PieceSolo
Lieutenant Kije Suite - Op 60ProkofievSuiteOrchestra
Marche SlaveTchaikovskyMarchOrchestra
Mélodie in FRubensteinShort PieceSolo
Night on Bare MountainMussorgskyTone PoemOrchestra
None but the Lonely Heart Op 6 No.6TchaikovskySongOrchestra
Nutcracker Suite, from the BalletTchaikovskyBallet MusicOrchestra
On the Steppes of Central AsiaBorodinTone PoemOrchestra
Overture to Russlan and LudmillaGlinkaOvertureOrchestra
Peter and the WolfProkofievSuiteOrchestra
Piano Concerto No.1 in Bb minorTchaikovskyConcertoOrchestra
Piano Concerto No.1 in F# Minor Op 1RachmaninovConcertoOrchestra
Piano Concerto No.2 in C minor Op 18RachmaninovConcertoOrchestra
Pictures at an ExhibitionMussorgskyTone PoemOrchestra
Polovtsian Dances from Prince IgorBorodinTone PoemOrchestra
Prelude to Khovanschina (opera)MussorgskyOperaOrchestra
Red Poppy Suite, from the BalletGliereBallet MusicOrchestra
Rhapsody on a theme by Paganini.RachmaninovConcertoOrchestra
Rite of Spring - Adoration of the EarthStravinskyBallet MusicOrchestra
Romeo and Juliet - Fantasy OvertureTchaikovskyOvertureOrchestra
Romeo and Juliet Suite - Madrigal - Love themeProkofievBallet MusicOrchestra
Scheherezade Op 35Rimsky-KorsakovSuiteOrchestra
Serenade for Strings in C Op 48TchaikovskyChamber MusicOrchestra
Sleeping Beauty - BalletTchaikovskyBallet MusicOrchestra
Song of India from SadkoRimsky-KorsakovShort PieceOrchestra
Song of the Volga BoatmenVariousFolk SongSolo
Song Without Words Opus 40 No.6TchaikovskyShort PieceSolo
Spartacus BalletKhachaturianBallet MusicOrchestra
String Quartet No.1 in D Major Op.11TchaikovskyChamber MusicString Quartet
String Quartet No.2 in ABorodinChamber MusicString Quartet
Swan Lake BalletTchaikovskyBallet MusicOrchestra
Symphony No.1 in EbBorodinSymphonyOrchestra
Symphony No.1 in G minor "Winter Daydreams"TchaikovskySymphonyOrchestra
Symphony No.2 in B minorBorodinSymphonyOrchestra
Symphony No.2 in C minor "Little Russian" Op 17TchaikovskySymphonyOrchestra
Symphony No.3 in A minorBorodinSymphonyOrchestra
Symphony No.3 in D Op29 "Polish"TchaikovskySymphonyOrchestra
Symphony No.4 in F minor Op 36TchaikovskySymphonyOrchestra
Symphony No.5 in E minor Op 64TchaikovskySymphonyOrchestra
Symphony No.6 in B Minor - PathetiqueTchaikovskySymphonyOrchestra
Taiti Trot (Tea for two)ShostakovichShort PieceOrchestra
Tale of Tsar Saltan, Op 57 - Flight of Bumble BeeRimsky-KorsakovShort PieceOrchestra
Tempest - Fantasy Overture in F minor Op 18TchaikovskyOvertureOrchestra
Violin Concerto in D Op 35TchaikovskyConcertoOrchestra
Waltz from masqueradeKhachaturianWaltzOrchestra
Waltz No.2 from Suite for Variety Orchestra.ShostakovichWaltzPops Orchestra
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