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A choir (or chorus) is a body of singers performing as a group, usually, but not always, singing in harmony. A modern choir consists usually of 4 sections of singers, who sing the Soprano Alto, Tenor and Bass parts.

Choirs date back to ancient history, they are described by the Greek writer Homer in 850 BC.  Before the renaissance, most choral singing was monophonic, that is all voices sang in unison. Church choirs consisted of men and boys only, as women were prohibited from participating by the church authorities.

Polyphonic music for choirs with 4 or more parts reached a peak with Palestrina in the renaissance  In the classical period there was a revival of baroque choral music, and town and village choirs sprang up to sing Handel's choral works, especially the Messiah. These choirs most definitely did include women! Such amateur choirs flourish today, singing a broad variety of music including  Gilbert and Sullivan's operettas, popular musicals such as Oklahoma, as well as the traditional choral favourites such as the Bach and Handel oratorios.

Musica con Choir. Audio está disponible para 35 melodías por esto ensemble.
No.Name of WorkComposerCategoryPeriod
1 AlleluiaVariousSacredEarly Music
2 Aura LeeVariousFolk SongTraditional
3 Ave MariaJosquin-des-PrezSacredRenaissance
4 Ave Verum CorpusByrdSacredRenaissance
5 Ave Verum Corpus K618MozartSacredClassical
6 Beautiful DreamerFosterFolk SongTraditional
7 Canon on Ravenscroft's PsalterTallisSacredRenaissance
8 Cantique de Jean RacineFauréSongRomantic
9 Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves from NabuccoVerdiOperaRomantic
10 Coventry CarolVariousSacredEarly Music
11 Ding Dong Merrily on HighVariousSacredRenaissance
12 Ecce Sacerdos magnusBrucknerSacredRomantic
13 Hear my PrayerMendelssohnSacredRomantic
14 Hodie Beata VirgoPalestrinaSacredRenaissance
15 Laudamus TeVivaldiSacredBaroque
16 Mass in B minor BWV 232BachSacredBaroque
17 Miserere - have Mercy upon me - Psalm 51AllegriSacredRenaissance
18 Motet - Sicut CervusPalestrinaSacredRenaissance
19 Now is the Month of MayingMorleyChamber MusicRenaissance
20 O for the Wings of a Dove from Motet - Hear My PrayerMendelssohnSongRomantic
21 O Jesu So MeekBachSacredBaroque
22 Sancte DeusTallisSacredRenaissance
23 Spem in Alium - Motet in 40 partsTallisSacredRenaissance
24 Such Beauty, My Beloved (Ogni Belta).PalestrinaSongRenaissance
25 Summer is a-coming inVariousSongEarly Music
26 The Messiah. OratorioHandelSacredBaroque
27 Weep O Mine EyesBennetSongRenaissance
28 Who is Sylvia (An Silvia)SchubertSongRomantic
29 Zadok the PriestHandelSacredBaroque
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