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The bassoon is the instrument with the lowest pitch in the woodwind family. It is really a sort of bass oboe,, having a double reed and a conical bore. The tube is 9 feet long, and so is bent double to make it practically manageable.

It has the enormous range of 3� octaves, from the 3rd Bb below middle C (MIDI Bb1) up to the 2nd D above middle C (MIDI D5).

There is a bassoon part in nearly all orchestral scores written since 1700, as well as in all chamber wind ensembles. There is not a great deal of solo music for the bassoon. Mozart wrote a bassoon concerto, as did  3 or 4 other composers. Probably the most famous bassoon passage is from Grieg's "In the Hall of the Mountain King" from his Peer Gynt suite, and another well-known extract is from Dukas's Sorcerer's Apprentice.


Music featuring the Bassoon. Audio is available for 20 tunes for this instrument.
No.Name of WorkCategoryComposer
1 Bassoon Concerto K191ConcertoMozart
2 Blow Away the Morning DewFolk SongVarious
3 Canon on Ravenscroft's PsalterSacredTallis
4 Early One MorningFolk SongVarious
5 Music for the Royal FireworksSuiteHandel
6 Romance Op 62 for bassoon and OrchestraConcertoElgar
7 Sinfonia Concertante in Eb for winds, K297bConcertoMozart
8 Sorcerer's Apprentice ( L'Apprenti Sorcier)Tone PoemDukas
9 Swing Low Sweet ChariotFolk SongWallis
10 There was a Jolly MillerFolk SongVarious
11 Three-Part Invention No.12 in AChamber MusicBach
12 Twinkle Twinkle Little StarNursery RhymesVarious
13 YesterdayPopular SongsMcCartney
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