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The Popular Modern period lasted from 1930 to 2030 approximately.
Popular Modern

Popular Modern is the term used for popular songs, ballads, jazz, and rock music, written from the middle of the 20th century onwards.  Its most salient characteristic is its enormous popularity. Audiences often fill football stadiums, and record sales frequently pass the million mark.

Another characteristic is the relative importance of the performers, compared to the composer. Often the artists performing a song have written it themselves. If not, it is their performance of the song that gives it its character, and the name of the actual composer is probably unknown to everyone involved.  Fans follow performers, not composers.  Record  and CD labels display the names of performers, not composers.

Popular songs and ballads have much in common with folk music. This applies especially to songs popular between 1910 and 1960. They usually are short, have simple memorable tunes, and easily memorable words. Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra sang these kinds of catchy tunes, and they were idolized by fans in their heyday. In this period, the musical was a development from light opera, in which songs were strung together with a story. My fair Lady and Oklahoma are fine examples of this genre, and the tunes from these musicals are still heard frequently to the present day.

In the USA, jazz evolved from black spiritual songs, mixed with blues, marching band music and ragtime piano music. In its evolution, jazz passed through Dixieland/New Orleans/Traditional Jazz style, to Swing, to Big Band,  then to Modern Jazz, and finally more or less faded out in 1960 with its evolution into 'Free jazz', in which every player played what they felt like.

Rock music started in the 1960s as rock'n'roll, as an evolution from rhythm and blues combined with country and western. It was characterized by a heavy beat on drums and cymbals, simple chord progressions, and a catchy melody. Since then it has evolved into many variations of rock, including punk, progressive, and  heavy metal.  It is way beyond the scope of Best Classical Tunes to demonstrate, describe or analyse these types of music.

Melodies provenant de la période Popular Modern. Audio est disponible pour 75 mélodies dans cette période.
Name of WorkComposerCategoryEnsemble
A Nightingale Sang in Berkely SquareVariousJazzBig Band
A Shanty in Old Shanty TownVariousJazzTrad Jazz Band
Ain't She SweetVariousPopular SongsOther Ensembles
Along the Road to GundagaiVariousPopular SongsTrad Jazz Band
AlwaysBerlinWaltzRhythm Combo
An American in Paris - 3rd theme (Blues)GershwinTone PoemOrchestra
And I Love HerMcCartneyPopular SongsOther Ensembles
Autumn LeavesVariousPopular SongsOrchestra
Bare NecessitiesVariousJazzTrad Jazz Band
Belle of the BallAndersonWaltzOrchestra
Besame MuchoVariousPopular SongsRhythm Combo
Blue SkiesBerlinJazzBig Band
Blue TangoAndersonShort PiecePops Orchestra
CharmaineVariousWaltzPops Orchestra
Chattanooga Choo ChooVariousJazzBig Band
Cheek to CheekBerlinPopular SongsSolo
Chicken danceVariousPopular SongsOther Ensembles
Days of Wine and RosesVariousPopular SongsOrchestra
Deep PurpleVariousPopular SongsRhythm Combo
Don't get around muchEllingtonJazzRhythm Combo
Elizabethan SerenadeBingeShort PieceOrchestra
Fascinating RhythmGershwinPopular SongsRhythm Combo
Forgotten DreamsAndersonShort PiecePops Orchestra
Hey JudeMcCartneyPopular SongsRhythm Combo
Home on the RangeVariousSongOther Ensembles
How About YouVariousPopular SongsRhythm Combo
I got it BadEllingtonJazzRhythm Combo
I Got Rhythm (jazzy clarinet)GershwinJazzRhythm Combo
I'm in the Mood for LoveVariousPopular SongsPops Orchestra
Lazy RiverVariousJazzBig Band
Les Bicyclettes de BelsizeVariousPopular SongsOther Ensembles
Let's Call The Whole Thing Off.GershwinJazzRhythm Combo
Lullaby of BirdlandVariousJazzRhythm Combo
Memory from 'Cats'.Lloyd-WebberPopular SongsOther Ensembles
Moonlight SerenadeVariousJazzBig Band
My Fair LadyLoewePopular SongsOrchestra
Once in a WhileVariousPopular SongsRhythm Combo
Over the RainbowVariousPopular SongsOrchestra
Que Sera, SeraVariousWaltzPops Orchestra
Rampart Street ParadeVariousJazzRhythm Combo
Rhapsody in BlueGershwinConcertoOrchestra
Rudolph the Red-nosed ReindeerVariousPopular SongsSolo
Santa Claus is Coming to TownVariousPopular SongsSolo
Sleigh RideAndersonShort PiecePops Orchestra
Smoke gets in your EyesKernPopular SongsRhythm Combo
Snow White and the seven DwarfsVariousPopular SongsPops Orchestra
Someone to Watch Over MeGershwinPopular SongsRhythm Combo
South PacificRodgersPopular SongsOrchestra
Stranger On the ShoreBilkJazzPops Orchestra
Summer TimeGershwinJazzPops Orchestra
Syncopated ClockAndersonShort PiecePops Orchestra
Taking a Chance on LoveVariousPopular SongsRhythm Combo
The Lady is a TrampRodgersJazzBig Band
The Phantom of the OperaLloyd-WebberPopular SongsOrchestra
The Sound of MusicRodgersPopular SongsOrchestra
When You Wish Upon a StarVariousPopular SongsPops Orchestra
Who's Sorry NowVariousPopular SongsTrad Jazz Band
YesterdayMcCartneyPopular SongsOrchestra
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