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play title and composer (if applicable) of an individual piece or movement. play fantasy in D by Mozart,
play the 1st movement of symphony no.9 by Schubert,
play Scotland the Brave,
play Row the Boat Ashore
Immediately starts to play an audio recording of requested piece, tune, or movement.
perform title and composer (if applicable) of a full opus perform Symphony No.5 by Beethoven Immediately plays all movements of chosen multi-movement work , using a new window.
perform random perform a complete work chosen at random. Immediately plays a randomly selected multi-movement opus.
playlist (none) playlist Immediately starts playing 10 randomly selected pieces.
index a composer, or instrument, or ensemble, or country, or period, or category. show thematic index for Chopin,
index tunes for a trumpet,
Displays a thematic index (with notation) for requested composer, etc.
describe title and composer (if applicable) of musical work describe piano concerto no.5 by Beethoven, 1st movement. Displays a details page about the requested music.
(none) a composer, or instrument, or ensemble, or country, or period, or category. Mozart,  violin, big band,  spain, baroque, symphony Displays new windows with lists of music by specified composer, or for specified ensemble or instrument, or dating from specified period, etc.
demo an instrument demo trombone plays a short audio clip demonstrating the selected instrument.
 help, instructions (none) help,
give me instructions
Shows a detailed help and instructions page on using voice commands to operate this site.
help site help for this site please. Shows the general help page for Best Classical Tunes.
stop (none), or music,   or playing. stop music,    stop playing. Stops playing the audio.
stop talking stop talking Stops the computer talk-back.
introductions off turn introductions off turns off voice announcements
introductions on turn introductions on urns on voice announcements
louder (none) louder turns volume up by 20% of max
quieter,  softer (none) quieter turns volume down by 20% of max
scroll down (none) scroll down Scrolls down by half the screen height.
scroll  up (none) scroll up Scrolls up by half the screen height.
close,  back (none) close Closes the subsidiary, or 2nd window, revealing the main voice command window.
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