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Waltz - Thematic Index. Best Classical Tunes.
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       Belle of the Ball (Anderson) (Waltz)

1    Main waltz theme

       Always (Berlin) (Waltz)

1    main tune

       Liebslieder Waltz No.6 (Brahms) (Waltz)

1    Liebslieder Waltz No 6

       Waltz in Ab for piano (Brahms) (Waltz)

1    Waltz in Ab for piano

       Valse Brillante in Ab Op 34 No.1 (Chopin) (Waltz)

1    Introduction

2    First waltz theme, a flowing melody followed by some acrobatic arpeggios.

       Waltz in Eb Grande Valse Brillante. (Chopin) (Waltz)

1    After a fanfare-like opening of repeated Bb quavers, this first main theme erupts.

2    The second tune starts with rapidly repeated Eb in the right hand, so the pianist must alternate fingers on the same note.

3    The 3rd tune is more lyrical, in Db.

       Waltz in Gb Op 70 No.1 (Chopin) (Waltz)

1    This first tune leaps about the keyboard acrobatically.

2    The 2nd theme is languid and luscious , forming a contrasting middle section.

       Waltz No.10 in B minor (Chopin) (Waltz)

1    Melancholy opening tune in B minor.

2    A livelier tune still in B minor but tending towards D major.

3    The brief sweet contrasting tune in B major.

       Waltz No.3 in A minor Op.34 No.2 (Chopin) (Waltz)

1    The main theme is a painful low lament , played by the left hand, with chordal accompaniment in the right hand.

2    The tune cheers up a little bit as it switches to the right hand.

3    This theme in C major, is in a happier mood than the opening theme in the minor key.

4    This 4th theme, in A major is serenely beautiful, a lovely contrast to the despondent opening.

       Waltz No.6 in Db "Minute Waltz" (Chopin) (Waltz)

1    The first theme is a series of rapid quaver passages around the dominant note, Ab,

2    The second tune emerges as a slower melody, but still centred around the dominant Ab.

       Waltz No.7 in C# minor (Chopin) (Waltz)

1    Waltz No 7 in C# minor

2    This Db major interlude forms a calmer contrast to the opening.

       Waltz, Op. 34, No.3 in F (Chopin) (Waltz)

1    First theme, after 8 bars of 'fanfare' chords, then 8 chromatic passage bars.

2    Second theme, staccato with acciacaturas.

       Waltz, Op. 42 in A-flat (Chopin) (Waltz)

1    Tricky theme, with threes in right hand against twos in the left.

       Waltz, Op. 64, No.3 in A-flat (Chopin) (Waltz)

1    Main theme

       Waltz, Op. 69, No.1 in A-flat (Chopin) (Waltz)

1    First theme

2    Second theme

       Waltz, Op. 70, No.2 in F minor (Chopin) (Waltz)

1    Main theme

       Waltz, Op. 70, No.3 in D-flat (Chopin) (Waltz)

1    Main theme

       Waltz, Op. Posth. in E minor (Chopin) (Waltz)

1    First theme

2    Second theme, in contrasting tonic major.

       Valse in Eb (Durand) (Waltz)

1    Valse in Eb

       Blue Skies (Gomersall) (Waltz)

1    First theme shared between violins and trumpets

2    Second theme played by french horns

3    Third theme played by woodwind section

4    Fourth theme played by clarinets

5    Fifth theme shared between violins and french horns

       Sunshine Waltzes (Gomersall) (Waltz)

1    waltz no 1 (after 9 bar introduction)

2    waltz no 2

3    waltz no 3

4    waltz no 4

       Waltz in A minor for piano (Grieg) (Waltz)

1    Waltz in A minor for piano

       German Dance No.1 in G major (Hob IX:12) (Haydn) (Waltz)

1    Main theme

       German Dance No.4 in C major (Hob IX:12) (Haydn) (Waltz)

1    Main theme

       German Dance No.7 in G major (Hob IX:12) (Haydn) (Waltz)

1    Main theme

       Waltz from Masquerade (Khachaturian) (Waltz)

1    Main theme

2    Second theme

       Gold and Silver Waltz (Lehár) (Waltz)

1    Gold and Silver Waltz, part of introduction on vibes.

2    Waltz No 1

3    Waltz no 2

4    Waltz no 3

5    Theme b of waltz no 3

       La Valse (Ravel) (Waltz)

1    Very quiet introduction by cellos and basses

2    The very luscious main waltz theme, played by the violins.

3    Third theme, a boiterous tutti.

4    Fourth theme, a sweeping violin tune.

5    Fifth theme, lyrical on violins.

6    Sixth theme, on oboes

7    Seventh theme, mellow cellos.

8    Eighth theme, soaring violins.

       Waltz in Ab Op 9 No.1 (Schubert) (Waltz)

1    main theme

       Waltz in Ab Op 9 No.2 (Schubert) (Waltz)

1    main theme, with quaver accompaniment notes removed

       Waltz No.2 from Suite for Variety Orchestra (Shostakovich) (Waltz)

1    Main theme

       Artist's Life Waltz (Strauss-Johann2) (Waltz)

1    Artist's Life - Waltz 1. In C major

2    Artist's Life - Waltz 2, still in C

3    Artist's Life - Waltz 3, in F major

4    Artist's Life - Waltz 4 back to C

5    Artist's Life - Waltz 5, in F

       Blue Danube waltz Op 314 (Strauss-Johann2) (Waltz)

1    Waltz1 - 'Doh me soh" theme

2    Waltz tune 2 in A major

3    Waltz tune 3 in G

4    Waltz 4 in F

5    Waltz 5 in A

       Emperor Waltz Op 437 (Kaiser Walzer) (Strauss-Johann2) (Waltz)

1    Waltz 1 first theme. C major

2    Waltz 1 second theme

3    Waltz 2 A big leap to Ab major

4    Waltz 3 first theme. Back in C again.

5    Waltz 3 second theme

6    Waltz 4 first theme. F major

7    Waltz 4 second theme

       Morgenblatter waltz (Strauss-Johann2) (Waltz)

1    Waltz 1 in G

2    Waltz 2 in C

3    Waltz 3 in F

4    Waltz 4 in Bb

5    Waltz 5 in Eb

       Roses from the South (Strauss-Johann2) (Waltz)

1    Roses from the South

       Tales from the Vienna Woods - Waltz Op 325 (Strauss-Johann2) (Waltz)

1    Waltz no 1

2    Waltz no 2

3    Waltz no 3

4    Waltz no 4

5    Waltz no 5

       Thousand and One Nights Waltz (Strauss-Johann2) (Waltz)

1    Waltz 1, first theme in A

2    Waltz 1, second theme

3    Waltz 1, third theme in E

4    Waltz 2 in C

5    Waltz 3 in F

       Vienna Blood Waltz Op 354 (Strauss-Johann2) (Waltz)

1    Waltz No 1

2    Waltz no 2

3    Waltz no 3

4    Waltz no 4

       Voices Of Spring Waltz (Strauss-Johann2) (Waltz)

1    Waltz 1

2    waltz 2

3    Waltz 3

4    Waltz 4

       Wine Women and Song - Waltz Op 333 (Strauss-Johann2) (Waltz)

1    Waltz 1.

2    Waltz 2

3    Waltz 3

4    Waltz 4

       Waltz from Der Rosenkavalier (Strauss-Richard) (Waltz)

1    Waltz I from Der Rosenkavalier

2    Waltz II

3    Waltz III

4    Waltz IV

5    Waltz V

       Charmaine (Waltz)

1    Verse

2    Chorus - the well-known bit.

       Que Sera, Sera (Waltz)

1    Verse

2    Chorus

       Skaters' Waltz "Die Schlittschuhläufer" (Les Patineurs) (Waldteufel) (Waltz)

1    Waltz No 1 - a gliding tune.

2    2nd theme in waltz No 1. Seems to be spinning around fast!

3    Waltz No 2 has great leaps in it.

4    Waltz No 3 - gliding once again.

5    Waltz No 4.

       Invitation to the Dance (Aufforderung zum Tanz) (Weber) (Waltz)

1    Slower and quiet introductory passage.

2    First theme

3    Second theme, a lilting tune marked "Wiegend" = "Swaying, rocking".

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