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Bizet, Georges    1838-1875    France

       Au Fond du Temple Saint from The Pearl Fishers (Bizet)

1    Au Fond du Temple Saint from The Pearl Fishers

   Carmen, - suite and selected arias
       Aragonaise, from Carmen Suite (Bizet)

1    Main tune

       Danse Bohemienne, from Carmen Suite (Bizet)

1    A lively tune introduced by the flutes.

       Fate Motif from Carmen (Bizet)

1    Fate Motif from Carmen

       Habanera -L'amour est un oiseau rebelle (Si Je t'Aime) - from Carmen (Bizet)

1    This dramatic descending chromatic passage on the violins, against a habanera rhythmic figure on the cellos, really expresses Carmen's fiery nature well.

2    This new tune now adopts the characteristic habanera rhythm from the cello part, but appears in a major key, at once sounding happier for a while.

       Intermezzo, from Carmen Suite (Bizet)

1    Main theme

       La fleur que tu m'avais jetée, from Carmen (Bizet)

1    A beautiful tenor aria from Carmen

       Nocturne, from Carmen Suite (Bizet)

1    Main theme introduced by the horn, then taken up by a solo violin.

       Prelude to Act I - March., from Carmen Suite (Bizet)

1    A vigorous march tune played by the orchestral tutti.

       Sequidilla, "Pres des Ramparts de Seville" from Carmen Suite (Bizet)

1    Main tune as sung by Carmen

       Toreador's Song "Votre Toast" (Sung version) from Carmen. (Bizet)

1    One of the most well-known tunes from Carmen.

       Toreador's Song from Carmen (3rd theme of prelude to Act I) "Votre Toast" (Bizet)

1    This extremely well known march tune is introduced on the trumpet.

   Jeux d'Enfants - Suite for Orchestra, Op 22
       Berceuse: la poupee (Bizet)

1    A lovely slow lyrical tune on the violins.

       Duo: petit mari, petite femme (Bizet)

1    A duet betwenn violin and cello

       Galop: le bal (Bizet)

1    An energetic tune, with the strings racing away.

       Impromptu: la toupie (Bizet)

1    Main tune

       Marche :trompette et tambour (Bizet)

1    Heaps of trumpets contribute to the martial sound.

   L'Arlesienne Suites Nos 1 and 2.
       Adagietto from L'Arlesienne Suite No.1. (Bizet)

1    A slow lyrical melody played by the string section.

       Carillon from L'Arlesienne Suite No.1 (Bizet)

1    The french horn plays a sort of bell-like ground, which becomes the backdrop for the violin theme.

2    This is the main tune of the carillon, played on the violin.

       Farandole from L'Arlesienne Suite No.2 (Bizet)

1    A fortissimo orchestral tutti starts up this enegetic theme in D minor

2    Second theme of the farandole is a fast flute dance tune accompanied by drums.

       Menuet from L'Arlesienne Suite No.2 (Bizet)

1    A lovely tune by the flute accompanied by the harp

       Minuetto from L'Arlesienne Suite No.1 (Bizet)

1    The first section of the minuet is a sprightly tune in C minor

2    the second section is a slow melody in Ab major

       Pastorale from L'Arlesienne Suite No.2 (Bizet)

1    Main tune

       Prelude or Overture to L'Arlesienne Suite No.1. (Bizet)

1    The overture/prelude opens with an energetic tutti in C minor

2    It is followed by a lyrical calm tune in Ab major.

   Symphony in C
       Symphony in C, 1st movement Allegro Vivo (Bizet)

1    First theme

2    Second theme

3    Third theme

       Symphony in C, 2nd movement Adagio (Bizet)

1    After a brief chordal intro, this first theme sounds from the oboes, accompanied by pizzicato strings.

2    A smooth soaring theme in the high violins in the relative major key.

       Symphony in C, 3rd movement, allegro vivace. (Bizet)

1    Main theme

       Symphony in C, 4th movement, Allegro vivace. (Bizet)

1    First theme

2    Second theme

3    Third theme

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