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Sibelius, Jean    1865-1957    Finland

   Finlandia Op 26 No.7
       Finlandia (Sibelius)

1    Dramatic and sombre brass opening theme

2    A contrasting quieter theme on strings and woodwinds.

3    The well-known stirring tune, to which patriotic words have been set in Finland.

   Karelia Suite for Orchestra, Op 11
       Intermezzo from Karelia Suite Op 11 (Sibelius)

1    Intermezzo from Karelia Suite Op 11

       March from Karelia Suite for Orchestra, Op 11 (Sibelius)

1    March from Karelia Suite for Orchestra, Op 11

2    Second theme of Karelia March, on brass and woodwind.

       Swan of Tuolena (Sibelius)

1    First theme

   Symphony No.2 in D Op 43
       Symphony No.2 in D Op 43 1st movement (Sibelius)

1    First theme on oboes, in a light, pastoral style, after a throbbing chordal introduction by the strings.

2    Second theme, played by unaccompanied violins

       Symphony No.2 in D Op 43 2nd movement (Sibelius)

1    The low winds play this sombre tune accompamied by pizzicato walking double basses and cellos.

2    The second theme is a very slow tune played on the strings.

       Symphony No.2 in D Op 43 3rd movement (Sibelius)

1    Very fast string passages start this movement

2    This lovely haunting theme appears played by oboes

       Symphony No.2 in D Op 43 4th movement (Sibelius)

1    Symphony No 2 in D Op 43 4th Movt

       Valse Triste from Kuolema Op 44 (Sibelius)

1    first main theme, very sad and slow, on strings.

2    Much cheerier second theme, on flute, echoed by the clarinet

3    Third theme on strings

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