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Sullivan - Thematic Index. Best Classical Tunes.      
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Sullivan, Sir Arthur    1842-1900    England

       Dance a Cachucha Fandango Bolero, from the Gondoliers. (Sullivan)

1    Main tune

       From the Sunny Spanish Shore, from the Gondoliers (Sullivan)

1    Quartet -Duke of Plaza Toro and family.

       List and learn, from the Gondoliers (Sullivan)

1    Main tune

       Overture to the Gondoliers. (Sullivan)

1    Opening tune

2    First main theme

       Take a Pair of Sparkling Eyes, from the Gondoliers (Sullivan)

1    Take a Pair of Sparkling Eyes

       Then one of us will be a Queen, from the Gondoliers (Sullivan)

1    Giannetta starts this amusing song.

   HMS Pinafore
       I am the Captain of the Pinafore (Sullivan)

1    I am the captain of the Pinafore, and a right good captain too.

2    Then give three cheers and one cheer more for the hardy captain of the Pinafore.

       Overture to HMS Pinafore (Sullivan)

1    Opening theme

       Entrance and March of the Peers, from Iolanthe (Sullivan)

1    Opening fanfare theme

2    Grandiose and fortissimo march tune as the peers come in.

3    The peers sing ' Loudly let the trumpet bray - Tan tan tara.

4    Bow, bow, ye lower middle classes.

5    We are the peers

       If you go in, you're sure to win, from Iolanthe (Sullivan)

1    A very bouncy orchestral introduction

2    The main tune, a trio sung by three lords.

       None shall part us, from Iolanthe (Sullivan)

1    main tune sung by Phyllis

       Overture to Iolanthe (Sullivan)

1    Sombre introductory passage

2    First main tune.

       Though perhaps I may Incur your Blame, from Iolanthe (Sullivan)

1    A quartet, with a solo entry by Lord Tolloller.

       Bind the Raven Hair, from Mikado (Sullivan)

1    Main tune sung by the soprano, after a contemplative orchestral opening to Act II.

       He's gone and married Yum Yum, and finale, from Mikado (Sullivan)

1    For he's gone and married Yum-Yum.

       Mikado Overture (Sullivan)

1    Opening tune, featuring exotic but empty-sounding open fifths, and lots of timpani

2    Second theme, using the pentatonic scale to mimic the mystery of Japan.

3    A theme quoting the song 'The Sun, whose rays'. This tune is followed by several others from the operetta.

       The Flowers that bloom in the Spring (Sullivan)

1    The Flowers that bloom in the Spring

       Three Little Maids from School, from Mikado (Sullivan)

1    Three little maids from school are we, pert as a schoolgirl well can be

2    Three little maids who all unwary, come from a ladies' seminary

       Tit-Willow from The Mikado (Sullivan)

1    Tit-Willow from The Mikado

       Wandering Minstrel I, from the Mikado (Sullivan)

1    A Wandering Minstrel I, from the Mikado

2    Are You in Sentimental Mood - Mikado

3    But if Patriotic Sentiment is wanted - Mikado

   Pirates of Penzance
       Overture to the Pirates of Penzance. (Sullivan)

1    First theme

       Poor wand'ring one (Sullivan)

1    Main tune

       With cat-like tread (Sullivan)

1    This tune is also used at the start of the overture.

       I know a Youth, from Ruddigore (Sullivan)

1    Main tune

       The Battle's Roar is Over, from Ruddigore (Sullivan)

1    Main tune

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