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Gomersall - Índice temático. Las mejores melodías clásicas.      
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Gomersall, Victor    1944-3000    England

       Aspirations Overture (Gomersall)

1    Main theme introduced by the cello

       Blue Skies (Gomersall)

1    First theme shared between violins and trumpets

2    Second theme played by french horns

3    Third theme played by woodwind section

4    Fourth theme played by clarinets

5    Fifth theme shared between violins and french horns

       Floating - for piano and strings (Gomersall)

1    piano floating above quiet strings

2    piano gliding around above strings

3    strings join piano, bursting out with a lyrical tune

       Interlude No 1 in F for String Quartet (Gomersall)

1    first theme

2    second theme

       Interlude No 2 in C for String Quartet (Gomersall)

1    First theme, a little sprightly but with decorum

2    Second theme, a little gentler, in the dominant ( G major).

       Interlude no.1 in F for Chamber Orchestra (Gomersall)

1    first theme

2    second theme

       Miniature Overture (Gomersall)

1    First theme on strings, after a dramatic orchestral tutti introduction

2    A majestic tune emerges on violins and horns.

3    A contrasting theme on the horns

4    A brighter tune on a high trumpet

5    A lyrical tune on the first violins

       Minuet for Hand Bells (Gomersall)

1    Minuet for Hand Bells

       Mysteria - Tone Picture for Orchestra. (Gomersall)

1    Mysterious introductory theme.

2    Cor Anglais (English Horn) main theme - simple scale passage

       Overture in E minor (Gomersall)

1    First theme, horns play a passage with descending fifths

2    Flutes play this wistful tune

3    Violins introduce this cheerful theme

4    Clarinets play this jolly perpetual motion tune

5    Horns play this haunting theme

   Piano Trio in D
       Piano Trio in D - 1st Movement - Moderato (Gomersall)

1    First theme of 1st movement, introduced by the cello, then canonically taken up by the violin and the piano.

2    Second theme of 1st movt, on the violin, accompanied by staccato chords on the piano.

       Piano Trio in D - 2nd Movement - Andante (Gomersall)

1    First theme of 2nd movement, a lyrical descending melody on the violin, with an ascending counter-melody on the cello. It has a plaintive tone, in B minor.

2    Second theme of 2nd movement. This is the same tune as theme 1, but transformed into a happier major mode.

       Piano Trio in D - 3rd Movement - Minuet and Trio (Gomersall)

1    First theme of the 3rd movement, a minuet in G major. This tune starts on the violin.

2    2nd theme of the minuet, on the cello.

3    Trio theme, in subdominant key of C major. This is in the style of the 'Landler', an Austrian country dance, precursor of the waltz.

       Piano Trio in D - 4th Movement - Rondo (Gomersall)

1    Theme A of the 4th movement rondo, introduced on the piano, with an 'Alberti Bass' figure in the left hand.

2    Theme B of the 4th movement rondo, triplet figures in the relative minor key on the cello.

3    Theme C of the 4th movt, a bright, triumpant tune in A major, introduced on the cello.

   Savannah Excerpts
       Planter's Song, from Savannah, from West-to East Suite (Gomersall)

1    Main theme

       Sailor's Song, from Savannah, from West-to East Suite (Gomersall)

1    This is wriiten in the style of an old sea shanty, with a declamatory line (on woodwinds) alternating with a chorus (on strings).

       Stocho Barocco - an Aeolian Amble (Gomersall)

1    Theme 1 is introduced by the oboe, then 2 bars later it is joined (quasi fugally) by the clarinet, then 2 bars later by the flute.

2    Theme 2 follows on behind theme 1, and it blends with it contrapuntally.

3    Theme 3 comes in on the horn in the bass register.

4    Theme 4 is played on the violins in counterpoint with theme 3.

       Study in Rondo Form (Gomersall)

1    Theme A of this rondo.

2    Theme B of this rondo.

3    Theme C of this rondo.

       Study in Ternary Form (Gomersall)

1    Theme A which starts in A major and modulates to the dominant key of E major.

2    Theme B, which returns to the tonic key of A major.

3    Theme A2, which is like theme A, but it ends up in the home key of A major

       Sunshine Waltzes (Gomersall)

1    waltz no 1 (after 9 bar introduction)

2    waltz no 2

3    waltz no 3

4    waltz no 4

       The Blackbird (Tone Poem) (Gomersall)

1    The Blackbird (Tone Poem)

       The Old Woman and the Pedlar (Gomersall)

1    The Old Woman and the Pedlar

       Tranquil Overture (Gomersall)

1    Tranquil Overture

   West to East - Suite for Orchestra
       California (from West To East - Suite for Orchestra) (Gomersall)

1    Introductory theme on unison brass - quote from "Good Vibrations"

2    Beach Volleyball - first violins

3    Wildflowers at Point Lobos - French Horns

4    San Francisco - trumpets

5    Misty rocks at Big Sur - oboes

6    Magical Carmel - first violins

7    El Capitan at Yosemite (trumpets, violins, horns)

       New Orleans (from West To East - Suite for Orchestra) (Gomersall)

1    Down on the Levee.

2    Le Vieux Carré -the French Quarter of New Orleans. Dixieland jazz. Trumpet.

3    Mississippi Paddle Boat - theme on horns.

4    Algiers Point - theme on clarinets

       Savannah (from West to East - Suite for Orchestra) (Gomersall)

1    Colonial Sailor's Song. This is wriiten in the style of an old sea shanty, with a declamatory line (on woodwinds) alternating with a chorus (on strings).

2    Chippewa Square. The peace and tranquillity of this place is depicted with a calm slow tune on violins, accompanied by rapid but harmonious figure on cellos, and with occasional toots by the flutes.

3    The Planter's Song. The cellos start to play their tuneful riff, possibly kidding listeners that this is the actual theme, but the trumpet then bursts in with a very jolly tune.

4    Cold evening at Tybee Island.This beach is probably packed with swimmers and surfers on a warm sunny day, but in this scene the oboes and the pulsating strings depict a deserted beach on a cold evening.

5    Fort Pulanski. Side drums and a trumpet fanfare introduce this military episode. Later the tempo accelerates leading to a huge tutti crash, as the fort's walls are breached by accurate and deadly cannon fire. Calm then returns to Savannah in the coda of this movement.

       The South-West (from West To East - Suite for Orchestra) (Gomersall)

1    Grand Canyon.

2    The Lost Tribe of Sinagua

3    Hispanic Festival

4    Pueblo Lament

       The South-West (from West To East - Suite for Orchestra) - Live recording by Unley Symphony Orchestra - (Gomersall)

1    Grand Canyon.

2    The Lost Tribe of Sinagua

3    Hispanic Festival

4    Pueblo Lament

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