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       Ballade No 2 in F, Op.38 (Chopin) Piano

1    Main theme

       Ballade No.3 in A-flat, Op. 47 (Chopin) Piano

1    First theme

       Barcarolle, Op. 60 (Chopin) Piano

1    Main theme

       Berceuse, Op. 57 (Chopin) Piano

1    Main theme

       Écossaise No.1 in D (Chopin) Piano

1    Main theme

       Écossaise No.2 in G (Chopin) Piano

1    Main theme

       Étude Op 10 No.3 in E (Chopin) Piano

1    Main and best-known theme.

       Fantasie Impromptu Op 66 (Chopin)

1    This incredibly fast and vituosic semi-quaver passage in C# minor is theme A of the ABA ternary form of this fantasy.

2    This languid melody in Db major contasts sharply with the previous passages. It forms theme B of the ABA ternary form.

       Mazurka Op. 7 No.1 in Bb (Chopin) Piano

1    Mazurka in Bb Op 7 No 1

       Mazurka Op. 33, No.2 in D (Chopin) Piano

1    Main theme

       Mazurka Op. 59, No.2 in A-flat (Chopin) Piano

1    Main theme

       Mazurka Op. 63 No.3 in C# minor (Chopin) Piano

1    Main tune

       Mazurka Op. 68, No.2 in A minor (Chopin) Piano

1    Main theme

       Nocturne No.1 in Bb minor Op 9 No 1 (Chopin) Piano

1    Nocturne No 1 in Bb minor, Op 9 No 1

       Nocturne No.10 in Ab Op.32 No 2 (Chopin) Piano

1    Main theme

       Nocturne No.11 in G minor Op 37 No 1 (Chopin) Piano

1    main theme

       Nocturne No.12 in G Op 37 No 2 (Chopin) Piano

1    First theme, a skippy tune in the tonic (G major)

2    Second theme, a lilting tune in the sub-dominant (C major)

       Nocturne No.13 in C minor Op 48 No 1 (Chopin) Piano

1    main theme, a slow sombre tune in C minor

2    second theme, a brighter tune in the tonic major key (C major)

       Nocturne No.14 in F# minor Op 48 No 2 (Chopin) Piano

1    main theme

       Nocturne No.15 in F minor Op 55 No 1 (Chopin) Piano

1    main theme

       Nocturne No.16 in Eb Op 55 No 2 (Chopin) Piano

1    Main tune

       Nocturne No.17 in B Op 62 No 1 (Chopin) Piano

1    main theme

       Nocturne No.18 in E Op 62 No 2 (Chopin) Piano

1    main theme

       Nocturne No.19 in E minor Op 72 No 1 (posthumous) (Chopin) Piano

1    main theme

       Nocturne No.2 in Eb Op 9 No 2 (Chopin) Piano

1    Nocturne in Eb

       Nocturne No.3 in B Op 9 No 3 (Chopin) Piano

1    main tune

       Nocturne No.4 in F Op 15 No 1 (Chopin) Piano

1    main theme

       Nocturne No.5 in F# Op 15 No 2 (Chopin) Piano

1    main tune

       Nocturne No.6 in G minor Op 15 No 3 (Chopin) Piano

1    Main theme

       Nocturne No.7 in C# minor Op 27 No 1 (Chopin) Piano

1    main theme

       Nocturne No.8 in Db Op 27 No 2 (Chopin) Piano

1    Nocturne No 8 in Db Op 27 No 2

       Nocturne No.9 in B Op 32 No 1 (Chopin) Piano

1    main tune

       Piano Concerto No.1 in E minor 1st movement (Chopin) Piano

1    First theme. After a fiery dramatic opening, the first theme appears in the fifth bar.

2    2nd theme

3    3rd theme

       Piano Concerto No.1 in E minor 2nd movement - Romance (Chopin) Piano

1    Main theme.

       Piano Concerto No.1 in E minor 3rd movement (Chopin) Piano

1    Piano Concerto No 1 in E minor 3rd Movt main theme

       Piano Concerto No.2 in F Minor, Op 21, 1st movement (Chopin) Piano

1    First theme

2    Second theme

       Piano Concerto No.2 in F Minor, Op 21, 2nd movement (Chopin) Piano

1    Main slow lyrical theme

       Piano Concerto No.2 in F Minor, Op 21, 3rd movement. (Chopin) Piano

1    First theme

       Polonaise in A Major Op 40 No.1 'Military' (Chopin) Piano

1    First theme in A major.

2    Second theme in D major

       Polonaise, Op. 53 in A-flat (Chopin) Piano

1    Main theme

       Prelude No.02 in A minor, Op. 28 (Chopin) Piano

1    Main theme after 2 bars accompaniment figure in left hand.

       Prelude No.03 in G, Op. 28 (Chopin) Piano

1    1This theme appears in the right hand, after 2 bars of a vivace figure in the left hand

       Prelude No.04 in E minor, Op 28 (Chopin) Piano

1    Main theme

       Prelude No.06 in B minor, Op. 28 (Chopin) Piano

1    This 'cello-like' passage in the left hand is the main theme.

       Prelude No.07 in A, Op. 28 (Chopin) Piano

1    The short and sweet theme of Chopin's shortest prelude.

       Prelude No.09 in E, Op. 28 (Chopin) Piano

1    Main theme

       Prelude No.10 in C# minor, Op. 28 (Chopin) Piano

1    Main theme

       Prelude No.11 in B, Op. 28 (Chopin) Piano

1    Main theme

       Prelude No.13 in F-sharp, Op. 28 (Chopin) Piano

1    Lento and mellow theme

       Prelude No.15 in Db "Raindrop", Op 28 (Chopin) Piano

1    Prelude Op 28 No 15 in Db "Raindrop"

       Prelude No.17 in A-flat, Op. 28 (Chopin) Piano

1    Two bars of triplets on a repeated note precede this tune.

       Prelude No.19 in E-flat, Op. 28 (Chopin) Piano

1    This tune is hidden in the first note of each triplet.

       Prelude No.20 in C minor, Op. 28 (Chopin) Piano

1    Sombre almost funereal theme.

       Prelude No.21 in B-flat, Op. 28 (Chopin) Piano

1    Cantabile main tune.

       Prelude No.23 in F, Op. 28 (Chopin) Piano

1    This arpeggio-style passage sets the pattern.

       Scherzo No.4 in E, Op.54 (Chopin) Piano

1    Main theme

       Valse Brillante in Ab Op 34 No.1 (Chopin) Piano

1    Introduction

2    First waltz theme, a flowing melody followed by some acrobatic arpeggios.

       Waltz in Eb Grande Valse Brillante. (Chopin) Piano

1    After a fanfare-like opening of repeated Bb quavers, this first main theme erupts.

2    The second tune starts with rapidly repeated Eb in the right hand, so the pianist must alternate fingers on the same note.

3    The 3rd tune is more lyrical, in Db.

       Waltz in Gb Op 70 No.1 (Chopin) Piano

1    This first tune leaps about the keyboard acrobatically.

2    The 2nd theme is languid and luscious , forming a contrasting middle section.

       Waltz No.10 in B minor (Chopin) Piano

1    Melancholy opening tune in B minor.

2    A livelier tune still in B minor but tending towards D major.

3    The brief sweet contrasting tune in B major.

       Waltz No.3 in A minor Op.34 No.2 (Chopin) Piano

1    The main theme is a painful low lament , played by the left hand, with chordal accompaniment in the right hand.

2    The tune cheers up a little bit as it switches to the right hand.

3    This theme in C major, is in a happier mood than the opening theme in the minor key.

4    This 4th theme, in A major is serenely beautiful, a lovely contrast to the despondent opening.

       Waltz No.6 in Db "Minute Waltz" (Chopin) Piano

1    The first theme is a series of rapid quaver passages around the dominant note, Ab,

2    The second tune emerges as a slower melody, but still centred around the dominant Ab.

       Waltz No.7 in C# minor (Chopin) Piano

1    Waltz No 7 in C# minor

2    This Db major interlude forms a calmer contrast to the opening.

       Waltz, Op. 34, No.3 in F (Chopin) Piano

1    First theme, after 8 bars of 'fanfare' chords, then 8 chromatic passage bars.

2    Second theme, staccato with acciacaturas.

       Waltz, Op. 42 in A-flat (Chopin) Piano

1    Tricky theme, with threes in right hand against twos in the left.

       Waltz, Op. 64, No.3 in A-flat (Chopin) Piano

1    Main theme

       Waltz, Op. 69, No.1 in A-flat (Chopin) Piano

1    First theme

2    Second theme

       Waltz, Op. 70, No.2 in F minor (Chopin) Piano

1    Main theme

       Waltz, Op. 70, No.3 in D-flat (Chopin) Piano

1    Main theme

       Waltz, Op. Posth. in E minor (Chopin) Piano

1    First theme

2    Second theme, in contrasting tonic major.

       Spanish Dance in A, Op 12 No.3 (Moszkowski) Piano

1    1st theme, brilliant fast and high passages in the right hand.

2    2nd slightly slower theme

       Minuet in G (Paderewski) (Paderewski) Piano

1    A highly ornamented main theme

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