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       Belle of the Ball (Anderson) Strings Cello French Horn

1    Main waltz theme

       Blue Tango (Anderson) Strings Flute

1    Hit tango tune of the 50s, with its characteristic 'blue' counter-theme

       Forgotten Dreams (Anderson) Piano Strings

1    Reflective quaver theme played on the piano

       Sleigh Ride (Anderson) Clarinet Strings Trumpet

1    Main theme

       Syncopated Clock (Anderson) Woodblock Strings

1    Main tune

       Adagio for strings, Op 11 (Barber) Strings

1    Main theme

       Fanfare for the Common Man (Copland) Timpani Trumpet

1    Fanfare for the Common Man

       Don't get around much (Ellington) Muted Trumpet Piano SaxTenor

1    Don't get around much

       I got it Bad (and that ain't Good) (Ellington) SaxAlto Muted Trumpet Trombone

1    An instrumenral swing version of this popular song.

       Beautiful Dreamer (Foster) Harp Piano ChoirVoices

1    main tune

       Camptown Races (Foster) Piano

1    main tune

       I Dream of Jeannie with the Light Brown Hair (Foster) Piano

1    main tune

       My Old Kentucky Home (Foster) Piano

1    main tune

       Oh Susanna (Foster) Guitar Harmonica

1    Oh Susanna

       Poor Old Joe (Foster) Violin Piano

1    Poor old Joe - verse tune

2    Chorus tune

       The Old Folks at Home (Way down upon the Swanee River) (Foster) Harmonica Guitar

1    The Old Folks at Home (Way down upon the Swanee River)

       An American in Paris - 3rd theme (Blues) (Gershwin) Clarinet

1    An American in Paris - 3rd theme (Blues)

       Fascinating Rhythm (Gershwin) Vibes Trombone Clarinet

1    Fascinating Rhythm

       I Got Rhythm (jazzy clarinet) (Gershwin) Clarinet Piano

1    I Got Rhythm - main theme

       Let's Call The Whole Thing Off. (Gershwin) Vibes Flute

1    Chorus theme from "Let's Call The Whole Thing Off."

       Rhapsody in Blue (Gershwin) Clarinet

1    After the trill and slide, the clarinet plays this 1st theme.

2    Muted trumpets play this bold but cheeky tune.

3    This theme really hammers the 'blue' notes of jazz.

4    A jolly theme on the basses

5    A noble and sweeping theme played by the strings.

       Someone to Watch Over Me (jazz-swing) (Gershwin) Trumpet Clarinet Guitar

1    Jazz-swing version.

       Someone to Watch Over Me (orchestral) (Gershwin) Trumpet Clarinet Guitar

1    Orchestral version.

       Summer Time (Gershwin) Strings Clarinet Oboe

1    Summer Time

       Maple Leaf Rag (Joplin) Piano

1    First theme

       New Rag (Joplin) Clarinet Piano

1    Piano introduction

2    Main theme on clarinet

       The Easy Winners (Joplin) Piano

1    Main theme

       The Entertainer (Joplin) Piano

1    The Entertainer introductory passage

2    The main theme

       Smoke gets in your Eyes (Kern) Vibes


       To a Wild Rose (from Woodland Sketches) Op 51 No.1 (McDowell) Piano

1    To a Wild Rose (from Woodland Sketches) Op 51 No 1

       Jingle Bells (Pierpont) Marimba Clarinet

1    Jingle Bells verse

2    Chorus (Best known tune)

       Jingle Bells (Piano arrangement) (Pierpont) Marimba Clarinet

1    Jingle Bells verse

2    Chorus (Best known tune)

       Bali Hai -from South Pacific (Rodgers) Guitar

1    Main theme

       Climb Every Mountain (from 'The Sound of Music') (Rodgers)

1    Main tune

       Do Re Mi (from 'The Sound of Music') (Rodgers)

1    Main tune

       Edelweiss (from 'The Sound of Music') (Rodgers)

1    Main tune

       Happy Talk -from South Pacific (Rodgers) Guitar

1    Main tune

2    Middle section tune (trio)

       I'm Gonna Wash that Man right outa my Hair -from South Pacific (Rodgers) Guitar

1    Main tune

       I'm in Love with a Wonderful Guy -from South Pacific (Rodgers) Guitar

1    Main tune

       My Favourite Things (from 'The Sound of Music') (Rodgers)

1    Main theme

       Sixteen going on Seventeen (from 'The Sound of Music') (Rodgers)

1    Main tune

       Some Enchanted Evening -from South Pacific (Rodgers) Guitar

1    Main tune

       The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Music (Rodgers)

1    First theme, the best-known bit.

2    Second theme, a quieter tune.

       The Lady is a Tramp (Rodgers)

1    Main theme

       Younger than Springtime -from South Pacific (Rodgers) Guitar

1    Main tune

       Liberty Bell March (Sousa)

1    Liberty Bell March

2    Theme 2

       A Nightingale Sang in Berkely Square (Various) SaxAlto Trumpet Flute

1    Main tune

       A Shanty in Old Shanty Town (Various) Trumpet Guitar Trombone

1    Main theme

       Ain't She Sweet (Various) Vibes Voice

1    Verse -(not the well-known tune)

2    Chorus - well known tune

       Aura Lee (Various)

1    main theme

       Away in a Manger (Various) Flute Oboe French Horn

1    Main tune

       Bare Necessities (Various) Trumpet Clarinet Trombone

1    Main theme

       Cape Cod Girls (Various) Flute

1    Cape Cod Girls

       Charmaine (Various) Trumpet Strings

1    Verse

2    Chorus - the well-known bit.

       Chattanooga Choo Choo (Various) SaxAlto Trumpet Trombone

1    first theme

2    second theme

       Christmas Jazz Medley (Various)

1    Tune 1 - Tis the season to be jolly

2    Tune 2 - White Christmas

3    Tune 3 -Jingle Bells - verse

4    Tune 4 -Jingle Bells - chorus

       Days of Wine and Roses (Various)

1    Main tune

       Deep Purple (Various) Piano

1    Main theme

       Happy Birthday (Various) Piano

1    Main tune

       Heart of my Heart (version 2) (Various) Trumpet Clarinet Trombone

1    Heart of my Heart (version 2)

       How About You (Various) Piano

1    Main Theme

       I'm in the Mood for Love (Various) Piano Strings

1    Main theme

       John Brown's Body (Various) Flute Piano

1    Main tune

       Lazy River (Various) Clarinet Guitar Trombone

1    Verse

2    Chorus

       Lullaby of Birdland (Various) Piano

1    Main theme

       Marching Through Georgia (Various) Glockenspiel

1    Marching Through Georgia

       Mary had a Little Lamb (Various) Piano

1    Mary had a Little Lamb

       Michael Row the Boat Ashore. (Various) Trumpet Trombone Clarinet

1    Main tune

       Moonlight Serenade (Various) SaxAlto SaxTenor Baritone Sax

1    Main theme

       Oh My Darling Clementine (Various) SaxTenor Accordion

1    Oh My Darling Clementine

       Once in a While (Various) Piano

1    Main theme

       Over the Rainbow (Various) Voice Harp

1    Main theme

       Que Sera, Sera (Various) Trumpet Clarinet Strings

1    Verse

2    Chorus

       Rampart Street Parade (Various) Piano Clarinet

1    First theme

2    Second Theme

3    Third Theme

4    Fourth Theme

       Rock My Soul (Various) Clarinet Trumpet Trombone

1    Main tune

       Roses are Red (Various) Strings

1    Roses are Red

       Rumba from Jamaica (Various) Guitar Steel Drums

1    Rumba from Jamaica

       San Fran (Various) Clarinet

1    San Fran

       She'll be Coming Round the Mountain When She Comes (Guitar/Harmonica) (Various) Clarinet Trombone Trumpet

1    She'll be Coming Round the Mountain When She Comes

       She'll be coming round the mountain when she comes.(Trad Jazz) (Various) Clarinet Trombone Trumpet

1    Trad jazz version

       Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (Various)

1    I'm Wishing

2    Dig dig dig

3    One Song

4    Heigh Ho

5    Some Day my Prince will Come.

       South of the Border Tango (Various) Trumpet

1    South of the Border Tango

       Spanish Lady (Various) Accordion Flute

1    Spanish Lady

       Splendid Thing Called Love (Various) Piano Guitar

1    Love is a many Splendored Thing

       Taking a Chance on Love (Various) Piano

1    Main theme

       Tea Cha Cha (Various) Muted Trumpet SaxAlto Clarinet

1    Tea Cha Cha

       The Yellow Rose of Texas (Various) Piccolo Trumpet Trombone

1    The Yellow Rose of Texas

       These Foolish Things (Various) Piano Strings

1    These Foolish Things

       Three Coins in the Fountain (Various) Piano Harp Pizzicato Strings

1    Three Coins in the Fountain

       When I Fall in Love (Various) Voice

1    When I Fall in Love

       When You Wish Upon a Star (Various)

1    Main tune

       Who's Sorry Now? (Various) Trumpet Clarinet Banjo

1    Main tune, after brief introduction.

       Yankee Doodle Dandy (Various) Glockenspiel

1    Yankee Doodle Dandy

       Swing Low Sweet Chariot (Wallis) Flute Oboe Bassoon

1    Swing Low Sweet Chariot

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