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Piano Sonata No.08 in C minor Op 13 "Pathetique" 2nd movement Beethoven Help Opus Details
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This "Pathetique" sonata is justifiably one of Beethoven's most famous piano sonatas. It is dedicated to Prince Carl von Lichnowsky and was written in1798. Beethoven frequently chose C minor for his highly dramatic works, full of pathos and contrast. It makes the piano almost sound like an orchestra, and indeed it takes full advantage of the huge advances made at this time in the sound quality of the pianoforte. It also shows a marked change from the pure "Classical" style of Haydn and Mozart, by the variety and richness of sonorities, the rapid key changes, and the extensive thematic development. Although still classifioed as "Classical" it clearly ushers in the new "Romantic" period. The Adagio cantabile second movement of Beethoven's Piano Sonata Pathétique in C minor, Op.13 is one of the most beautiful slow movements in all the piano repertory. David Dubal calls it an "exquisite love song." It is in rondo form and has a lyricism that is filled with grandeur. The Grande Sonate pathétique ("touching" or "moving") is one of Beethoven's most famous sonatas and truly identified with his image as a composer. It was composed from 1798-99 and dedicated to Carl von Lichnowsky. First published in by Eder of Vienna in 1799, the title "pathétique" was provided by the editors with the composer's permission. The sonata was immediately popular and was actually arranged for different combinations of instruments. A review in February 1800 read, "Not incorrectly is this well written sonata called pathetic, for it has a truly distinct emotional character." This is one of Beethoven's first sonatas to be interpreted symbolically, perhaps as a "contest between an unhappy man and fate." Interestingly, Beethoven arranged this sonata into the String Quartet in F, according to Tovey, "in protest against the vogue for such arrangements." This sonata is considered to be from Beethoven's First Period of composition in which he roughly conforms to the classical traditions of Haydn and Mozart.
Category: Sonata Solo Featuring Piano Classical Period
Time Signature 2 /4 Key Signature   Ab Major Play MP3 using player below.

1    First theme, a well-loved peaceful tune in Ab major.

2    Second theme switches into Ab minor.
 No score for this tune is available yet.
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