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Study in Ternary Form Gomersall Help Opus Details
For feedback and questions, please contact Victor Gomersall.
Ternary form involves 3 sections, usually labeled A, B and either C or A2. Section A may be repeated to form the pattern A A B A2. Section A starts in the tonic key, but modulates to the dominant or relative minor. Section B presents a contrasting theme, then section A2 is usually similar to section A, but staying in the tonic key instead of modulating.

I wrote this study as an illustration of ternary form. It has the pattern A A B A2. with the top melody on the violin, and then a counter melody on viola, and the bass line on cello.
Category: Short Piece String Quartet Modern (Serious) Period
Time Signature 3 /4 Key Signature   A Major Play MP3 using player below.

1    Theme A which starts in A major and modulates to the dominant key of E major.

2    Theme B, which returns to the tonic key of A major.

3    Theme A2, which is like theme A, but it ends up in the home key of A major
 No score for this tune is available yet.
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