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Planets Suite - 4 - Jupiter, the Bringer of Jollity Holst Help Opus Details
For feedback and questions, please contact Victor Gomersall.
This is the introductory theme to Jupiter, from Holst's Planets Suite.  Holst was interested in astrology, so he got the idea of a tone poem in 7 parts, one for each planet, evoking its astrological or mythological character. He wrote it in 1914, before the outbreak of war.

This introduction has an interesting background pattern of semiquavers on first and second violins for 9 bars, over which the strident theme emerges on French Horns, in unison with cellos and violas. This is a rough-hewn and lusty tune, which comes out over the top of the (already loud) strings because Holst emplys no less than six French Horns!

The third theme is a broad and heavy tune starting on the strings and french horns, and is taken up exuberantly by the woodwinds, with emphasis by the glockenspiel. The 4th theme is in a swinging 3/4 time, in contrast to the earlier 2/4 time signature. It is played by the French Horns and punctuated by huge chords on the strings. This theme establishes 3/4 time in preparation for the next theme, which is the well-known "folk" or "hymn" tune. This fifth theme from Jupiter, the Bringer of Jollity, of the Planets Suite, is the central andante maestoso, which sounds like a sort of folk song or hymn. It is is the most well-known theme from Holst's Planets Suite. The words of an anthem "I vow to thee my Country" were written later to fit this tune, but it was not Holst's intention for it to become a hymn. The majestic tune unfolds at first on the strings and French horns, later exapanding across the entire orchestra, with massive chords played by two harps.

Category: Suite Orchestra Modern (Serious) Period
Time Signature 2 /4 Key Signature   C Major Play MP3 using player below.

1    Planets Suite - Jupiter, the Bringer of Jollity - Theme 1 - Opening

2    Theme 2, a bold statement by the horns.

3    Theme 3, again the horns dominate.

4    Theme 4, horns yet again!

5    Theme 5 "I vow to thee my country", a majestic tune introduced by the cellos.
 No score for this tune is available yet.
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