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The Song category covers many types of song, from operatic arias to German Lieder. It also covers works arranged for instruments, but which are either originally written with a voice part, or else they have the form of a song, but no words.

The earliest songs were monophonic. Few songs composed before 1300 have been written down. We may have some survivors of folk songs passed down by oral tradition, such as Summer is Icummen in. Church song was called plainsong.

Polyphonic songs evolved in the renaissance period.  Secular example include madrigals such as Weep Oh Mine Eyes, by Bennet. Sacred examples include Allegri's Miserere.

In the Baroque and Classical period the songs became monophonic again, but often with elaborate instrumental accompaniments. These songs were called Arias (= English 'Airs'), and are used in operas and oratorios as well as isolated works. In the romantic 19th century, a dominant form of song was the German Lied, exemplified by Schubert, Schumann and Brahms.

Melodie nella categoria Song. Audio è disponibile per 40 melodie di questa categoria.
Name of WorkComposerEnsemblePeriod
Advance Australia FairVariousOrchestraTraditional
Ave Maria (based on Bach's Prelude in C)GounodDuetRomantic
Bailero from Songs of the AuvergneCanteloubeOrchestraRomantic
Cantique de Jean RacineFauréChoirRomantic
Cherry RipeVariousDuetRomantic
DaisyVariousDuetPopular Modern
Deck the Halls with Boughs of HollyVariousSoloTraditional
Der Erlkonig - LiedSchubertDuetRomantic
Elle s'en va de moyLassusWind Chamber GroupsRenaissance
Er ißt gekommen in Sturm und Regen (Liszt)FranzSoloRomantic
Fairest Isle from King ArthurPurcellDuetBaroque
Home on the RangeVariousOther EnsemblesPopular Modern
I love to go a-wandering,VariousOther EnsemblesTraditional
It was a Lover and his LassMorleyDuetRenaissance
La MarseillaiseLisleSoloTraditional
Like to the Damask RoseElgarDuetRomantic
Lullaby. (Cradle Song,Wiegenlied)BrahmsDuetRomantic
My Love is like a red red RoseVariousDuetTraditional
None but the Lonely Heart Op 6 No.6TchaikovskyOrchestraRomantic
Nymphs and Shepherds, Come Away!PurcellDuetBaroque
O Canada - Canadian National AnthemLavalléeString QuartetRomantic
O for the Wings of a Dove from Motet - Hear My PrayerMendelssohnChoirRomantic
O Lovely Peace (Anthem for two voices)HandelOther EnsemblesBaroque
On Wings of SongMendelssohnOrchestraRomantic
Plaisir d'AmourMartiniOrchestraClassical
Rule BritanniaArneOrchestraBaroque
Serenade in D Minor SchubertDuetRomantic
Songs my Mother Taught me.DvořákOrchestraRomantic
Such Beauty, My Beloved (Ogni Belta).PalestrinaChoirRenaissance
Summer is a-coming inVariousChoirEarly Music
The Bells of AberdoveyDibdinDuetRomantic
The Harp that Once through Tara's HallsStevensonDuetTraditional
The Linden Tree (Der Lindenbaum)SchubertSoloRomantic
The Trout (Song) "Die Forelle", - clarinet and pianoSchubertDuetRomantic
The Wanderer (Das Wandern)SchubertSoloRomantic
Weep O Mine EyesBennetChoirRenaissance
When Daisies PiedArneDuetBaroque
Where the bee sucks, there suck IArneDuetBaroque
Who is Sylvia (An Silvia)SchubertChoirRomantic
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