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A Duet involves just two performers, for example,  piano and voice, or piano and violin. The word is an abbreviation of Italian duetto, meaning 'a little two' from due = two. Another term often used is duo

In some cases, there may actually be 3 performers, for example a work for two singers accompanied by a piano might be described as a duet, emphasizing the two singers alone. There are many examples of duets in opera where two singers are accompanied by the orchestra.

Piano duets for one piano, four hands, are very popular with amateur pianists, as this is an excellent way for people who do not often get an opportunity to play in ensembles, to experience making music with other people. Many famous composers have written works especially for piano duet, and also made arrangements of their own orchestral works as a piano duet.

Musik mit der Duet. Audio ist für 102 Melodien von dieser Ensemble verfügbar.
No.Name of WorkComposerCategoryPeriod
1 As I was going to Strawberry FairVariousFolk SongTraditional
2 Ave Maria (based on Bach's Prelude in C)GounodSongRomantic
3 Beatus VirLassusSacredRenaissance
4 Believe me, if all those endearing young charmsVariousFolk SongTraditional
5 Blow the Man DownVariousFolk SongTraditional
6 Blue Bells of ScotlandVariousFolk SongTraditional
7 Bobby ShaftoeVariousFolk SongTraditional
8 Cambells are comi'.VariousFolk SongTraditional
9 Carnival of the AnimalsSaint-SaensSuiteRomantic
10 Chanson de MatinElgarShort PieceRomantic
11 Cherry RipeVariousSongRomantic
12 Click go the ShearsHillFolk SongRomantic
13 DaisyVariousSongPopular Modern
14 Der Erlkonig - LiedSchubertSongRomantic
15 Dolly SuiteFauréSuiteRomantic
16 Drink To Me Only With Thine EyesVariousFolk SongTraditional
17 Fairest Isle from King ArthurPurcellSongBaroque
18 GavotteGossecShort PieceClassical
19 Gigue, from 9th Sonata for violin cello and keyboardCorelliSonataBaroque
20 God Rest You Merry GentlemenVariousSacredTraditional
21 GreensleevesVariousFolk SongRenaissance
22 Hamabdil - a Hebrew MelodyBantockChamber MusicRomantic
23 Here's a Health unto his MajestyVariousFolk SongTraditional
24 Holly and the IvyVariousSacredTraditional
25 Humpty Dumpty Sat on a WallVariousNursery RhymesTraditional
26 I had a little Nut treeVariousFolk SongTraditional
27 It Came Upon a Midnight ClearVariousSacredTraditional
28 It was a Lover and his LassMorleySongRenaissance
29 Jewel Song from FaustGounodOperaRomantic
30 John Brown's BodyVariousFolk SongTraditional
31 John Peel (Do you ken John Peel)VariousFolk SongTraditional
32 Keel RowVariousFolk SongTraditional
33 Landler in F for clarinet and pianoWeberShort PieceRomantic
34 LiebesfreudKreislerChamber MusicRomantic
35 LiebesliedKreislerChamber MusicRomantic
36 Like to the Damask RoseElgarSongRomantic
37 Lincolnshire PoacherVariousFolk SongTraditional
38 Lullaby. (Cradle Song,Wiegenlied)BrahmsSongRomantic
39 Marche Militaire in D, Op 51 No.1SchubertMarchRomantic
40 Meditation from ThaisMassenetShort PieceRomantic
41 Military March Op 51 No.2 in GSchubertMarchRomantic
42 Minstrel Boy (The)VariousFolk SongTraditional
43 My Love is like a red red RoseVariousSongTraditional
44 New RagJoplinShort PieceModern (Serious)
45 Norwegian Dance Op 35 No.2GriegShort PieceRomantic
46 Nymphs and Shepherds, Come Away!PurcellSongBaroque
47 Oak and the AshVariousFolk SongTraditional
48 Oh Where, oh Where has my Little Dog Gone?VariousNursery RhymesTraditional
49 Phantasiestuck for clarinet and piano, Op 73 No.1SchumannChamber MusicRomantic
50 Poor Old JoeFosterFolk SongTraditional
51 Ride a Cock Horse to Banbury CrossVariousNursery RhymesTraditional
52 Romance for Clarinet and PianoGermanChamber MusicRomantic
53 Romance from Clarinet Concerto No.3StamitzConcertoClassical
54 Rondo for Violin and Piano in G major, WoO 41BeethovenShort PieceClassical
55 Roses from the South, Op 388Strauss-Johann2WaltzRomantic
56 Schon RosmarinKreislerChamber MusicRomantic
57 Serenade in D Minor SchubertSongRomantic
58 Serenade in G K525 Eine Kleine Nachtmusik - arr. for clarinet and piano.MozartChamber MusicClassical
59 Serenade in G K525 Eine Kleine Nachtmusik - arr. for violin and pianoMozartChamber MusicClassical
60 Skye Boat SongVariousFolk SongTraditional
61 Slumber Song (Schlummerlied) No.16 from Album Leaves Op 124SchumannChamber MusicRomantic
62 Sonatina in A minor Op 137 No.2SchubertSonataRomantic
63 Sonatina in D Op 137 No.1SchubertSonataRomantic
64 Sonatina in G minor Op 137 No.3SchubertSonataRomantic
65 South WindVariousFolk SongTraditional
66 St. Valentine's DayVariousShort PieceRomantic
67 The Bells of AberdoveyDibdinSongRomantic
68 The Girl I left Behind Me.VariousFolk SongTraditional
69 The Harp that Once through Tara's HallsStevensonSongTraditional
70 The Trout (Song) "Die Forelle", - clarinet and pianoSchubertSongRomantic
71 The Vicar of BrayVariousFolk SongTraditional
72 The Water is WideVariousFolk SongTraditional
73 There is a Tavern in the TownVariousFolk SongTraditional
74 TiritombaVariousFolk SongTraditional
75 Violin Sonata in D, K29MozartSonataClassical
76 Violin Sonata No.2 in A major Op 12 No.2BeethovenSonataClassical
77 Violin Sonata No.5 in F Op 24 "Spring"BeethovenSonataClassical
78 Violin Sonata No.8 in G Op 30 no 3BeethovenSonataClassical
79 Violin Sonata No.9 in A "Kreutzer", Op 47BeethovenSonataClassical
80 Waltz from Der RosenkavalierStrauss-RichardWaltzRomantic
81 We wish You a Merry ChristmasVariousFolk SongTraditional
82 When Daisies PiedArneSongBaroque
83 When other lips (Will you remember me) - from The Bohemian GirlBalfeOperaRomantic
84 Where the bee sucks, there suck IArneSongBaroque
85 Widdicombe FairVariousFolk SongTraditional
86 Wild Colonial BoyVariousFolk SongTraditional
87 Ye Banks and Braes of Bonny DoonVariousFolk SongTraditional
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