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The String Quartet is an ensemble of four string players, consisting of one first and one second violin, a viola and a cello. It is the most important kind of chamber music group.  The word quartet derives from French quart which means four. The players usually form permanent quartets, because they need to play together all the time in order to excel in performance. No one instrument dominates the others, all are equal, and the players must listen to each other very carefully. Players other than the first violinist get the tune often, so the music is fun for all four players. This ensemble is highly suited to playing intimate, subtle music, a strong contrast to the force and power of the orchestra.

Haydn is credited with the creation of the string quartet, so this ensemble is pre-eminent in the classical period. Previously, the harpsichord was alway used with other instrumental groupings, to play the basso continuo, or chord sequences read from a figured bass. Haydn did away with the harpsichord, allowing the clarity of music written for just 4 string instruments to shine through.   He wrote over 70 works for this ensemble, and this category of music is also called a string quartet.  Mozart, Beethoven,  and Schubert all wrote many string quartets.

Much wonderful music has since been composed for string quartets in the romantic and modern periods also.

Musica con String Quartet. Audio está disponible para 216 melodías por esto ensemble.
No.Name of WorkComposerCategoryPeriod
1 Angels from the Realms of GloryVariousSacredTraditional
2 Barbara AllenVariousFolk SongTraditional
3 Divertimento in Bb K 137MozartChamber MusicClassical
4 Divertimento in D K136MozartChamber MusicClassical
5 Divertimento in F K138MozartChamber MusicClassical
6 Flute Quartet in DBoccheriniChamber MusicClassical
7 Flute Quartet in D K285MozartChamber MusicClassical
8 Il était une BergèreVariousFolk SongTraditional
9 Interlude No 1 in F for String QuartetGomersallChamber MusicModern (Serious)
10 Interlude No 2 in C for String QuartetGomersallChamber MusicClassical
11 Mary Mary Quite Contrary, How does your Garden Grow?VariousNursery RhymesTraditional
12 Minuet from Divertimento K334MozartChamber MusicClassical
13 O Canada - Canadian National AnthemLavalléeSongRomantic
14 Piano Quartet in G minor K478MozartChamber MusicClassical
15 Piano Quintet in A D667 'Trout'SchubertChamber MusicRomantic
16 Serenade in G K525 Eine Kleine Nachtmusik - string quartetMozartChamber MusicClassical
17 Silent NightVariousSacredTraditional
18 String Quartet in C Op59 No.3 "Rasoumowsky"BeethovenChamber MusicClassical
19 String Quartet in D minor D810 'Death and the Maiden'SchubertChamber MusicRomantic
20 String Quartet in Eb Op 127BeethovenChamber MusicClassical
21 String Quartet in F major Op 18 No.1BeethovenChamber MusicClassical
22 String Quartet in F, Op 96 "The American".DvořákChamber MusicRomantic
23 String Quartet in G major Op 18 No.2BeethovenChamber MusicClassical
24 String Quartet No. 3 in G K156MozartChamber MusicClassical
25 String Quartet No.1 in D Major Op.11TchaikovskyChamber MusicRomantic
26 String Quartet No.1 in EbCherubiniChamber MusicClassical
27 String Quartet No.13 in A minor Op 29 'Rosamunde'SchubertChamber MusicRomantic
28 String Quartet No.14 in G major, K387MozartChamber MusicClassical
29 String Quartet No.15 in D minor K421MozartChamber MusicClassical
30 String Quartet No.16 in Eb K428MozartChamber MusicClassical
31 String Quartet No.17 in Bb K 458 "The Hunt"MozartChamber MusicClassical
32 String Quartet No.18 in A K464MozartChamber MusicClassical
33 String Quartet No.19 in C K465 "Dissonant"MozartChamber MusicClassical
34 String Quartet No.2 in ABorodinChamber MusicRomantic
35 String Quartet No.20 in D major K499 'Hoffmeister'.MozartChamber MusicClassical
36 String Quartet No.21 in D major K575MozartChamber MusicClassical
37 String Quartet No.22 in Bb major K589MozartChamber MusicClassical
38 String Quartet No.23 in F major K590MozartChamber MusicClassical
39 String Quartet No.8 in E minor Op 59 No 2 "Rasoumovsky"BeethovenChamber MusicClassical
40 String Quartet Op 1 No.1 "La Chasse" - 'The Hunt' - JagquartettHaydnChamber MusicClassical
41 String Quartet Op 1 No.2HaydnChamber MusicClassical
42 String Quartet Op 1 No.3HaydnChamber MusicClassical
43 String Quartet Op 1 No.4HaydnChamber MusicClassical
44 String Quartet Op 1 No.5HaydnChamber MusicClassical
45 String Quartet Op 1 No.6HaydnChamber MusicClassical
46 String Quartet Op 2 No.1HaydnChamber MusicClassical
47 String Quartet Op 2 No.2HaydnChamber MusicClassical
48 String Quartet Op 3 No.5 "Serenade"HaydnChamber MusicClassical
49 String Quartet Op 9 No.1HaydnChamber MusicClassical
50 String Quartet Op 9 No.3HaydnChamber MusicClassical
51 String Quartet Op 9 No.4HaydnChamber MusicClassical
52 String Quartet Op 20 No.1HaydnChamber MusicClassical
53 String Quartet Op 20 No.2HaydnChamber MusicClassical
54 String Quartet Op 20 No.3HaydnChamber MusicClassical
55 String Quartet Op 54 No.1HaydnChamber MusicClassical
56 String Quartet Op 54 No.2HaydnChamber MusicClassical
57 String Quartet Op 54 No.3HaydnChamber MusicClassical
58 String Quartet Op 64 No.5 "The Lark"HaydnChamber MusicClassical
59 String Quartet Op 76 No.2 "Fifths"HaydnChamber MusicClassical
60 String Quartet Op 76 No.3 EmperorHaydnChamber MusicClassical
61 String Quintet in E Op 13 No.5BoccheriniChamber MusicClassical
62 Study in Ternary FormGomersallShort PieceModern (Serious)
63 The Old Woman and the PedlarGomersallChamber MusicModern (Serious)
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