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France - Indice tematico. Le migliori melodie classiche.
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       Benvenuto Cellini - Overture (Berlioz)

1    Main theme

       Harold in Italy Op 18. 1st movement - Harold in the Mountains (Berlioz) Viola

1    Intro A1

2    Intro A2

3    Intro B

4    Theme 1 - entry of solo viola

5    Theme 2

6    Theme 3

       Harold in Italy Op 18. 2nd movement - March of the Pilgrims (Berlioz) Viola

1    Main tune

       Harold in Italy Op 18. 3rd movement -Serenade (Berlioz) Viola

1    Theme 1

2    Theme 2

       Harold in Italy Op 18. 4th movement - Orgy of the Brigands (Berlioz) Viola

1    Theme 1

2    Theme 2

3    Theme 3

       Le Corsair - Overture (Berlioz)

1    Main theme

       Rakoczy March (Berlioz) Trumpet Flute Strings

1    Main theme

       Roman Carnival Overture (Berlioz) Viola

1    Roman Carnival Overture

       Symphonie Fantastique Op 14 1st movement Rêverie, Passions (Berlioz) EnglishHorn Clarinet Bells

1    Symphonie Fantastique Op 14 1st Movt. Rêverie, Passions

2    This is the second theme of the introduction to the 1st movement, a tune on the french horns, as the tempo and passion heat up a bit.

3    This is the famous idée fixe, or fixed idea, (perhaps an appropriate modern word would be obsession?). It starts on the violins, at a feverish tempo..

       Symphonie Fantastique Op 14 2nd movement - A Ball (Berlioz) EnglishHorn Clarinet Bells

1    Accompanied by quivering violin chords, this sombre cello tune opens the 2nd movement, with a flourish from the harp..

2    This waltz is the principal theme of this ball movement, played on the first violins.

3    Theme 2 is Berlioz's idée fixe from the 1st movt, in a modified rhythm and played by the oboes and flutes.

       Symphonie Fantastique Op 14 3rd movement Scène aux champs (Berlioz) EnglishHorn Clarinet Bells

1    Scène aux champs. Shepherd's calls, on cor anglais, then oboe.

2    After the introductory "ranz des vaches", this peaceful simple tune on the violins establishes the feeling of contentment in the countryside.

3    This second theme, also on the violins, continues the tranquil mood, possibly with a hint of disturbing thoughts emerging.

       Symphonie Fantastique Op 14 4th movement - March to the Scaffold (Berlioz) EnglishHorn Clarinet Bells

1    Theme 1 is a sombre plodding march, a descending scale by the cellos and double basses.

2    Theme 2 is a triumphant march played by blazing brass and woodwind sections.

       Symphonie Fantastique Op 14 5th movement Witches' Sabath (Berlioz) EnglishHorn Clarinet Bells

1    This is the witches' dance, a frenzied tune played by the clarinets.(I've omitted the grace notes and trills from the first 10 notes in the theme dictionary)

2    The bell tolls, then the ancient plainsong melody Dies Irae (Day of Wrath, from funeral service) is heard on the Ophleicide (here scored for 3rd trombone)

3    3rd theme

       Adagietto from L'Arlesienne Suite No.1. (Bizet) French Horn Harp Flute

1    A slow lyrical melody played by the string section.

       Aragonaise, from Carmen Suite (Bizet) Voice ChoirVoices

1    Main tune

       Au Fond du Temple Saint from The Pearl Fishers (Bizet) Voice

1    Au Fond du Temple Saint from The Pearl Fishers

       Berceuse: la poupee (Bizet) Violin Cello Trumpet

1    A lovely slow lyrical tune on the violins.

       Carillon from L'Arlesienne Suite No.1 (Bizet) French Horn Harp Flute

1    The french horn plays a sort of bell-like ground, which becomes the backdrop for the violin theme.

2    This is the main tune of the carillon, played on the violin.

       Danse Bohemienne, from Carmen Suite (Bizet) Voice ChoirVoices

1    A lively tune introduced by the flutes.

       Duo: petit mari, petite femme (Bizet) Violin Cello Trumpet

1    A duet betwenn violin and cello

       Farandole from L'Arlesienne Suite No.2 (Bizet) French Horn Harp Flute

1    A fortissimo orchestral tutti starts up this enegetic theme in D minor

2    Second theme of the farandole is a fast flute dance tune accompanied by drums.

       Fate Motif from Carmen (Bizet) Voice ChoirVoices

1    Fate Motif from Carmen

       Galop: le bal (Bizet) Violin Cello Trumpet

1    An energetic tune, with the strings racing away.

       Habanera -L'amour est un oiseau rebelle (Si Je t'Aime) - from Carmen (Bizet) Voice ChoirVoices

1    This dramatic descending chromatic passage on the violins, against a habanera rhythmic figure on the cellos, really expresses Carmen's fiery nature well.

2    This new tune now adopts the characteristic habanera rhythm from the cello part, but appears in a major key, at once sounding happier for a while.

       Impromptu: la toupie (Bizet) Violin Cello Trumpet

1    Main tune

       Intermezzo, from Carmen Suite (Bizet) Voice ChoirVoices

1    Main theme

       La fleur que tu m'avais jetée, from Carmen (Bizet) Voice ChoirVoices

1    A beautiful tenor aria from Carmen

       Marche :trompette et tambour (Bizet) Violin Cello Trumpet

1    Heaps of trumpets contribute to the martial sound.

       Menuet from L'Arlesienne Suite No.2 (Bizet) French Horn Harp Flute

1    A lovely tune by the flute accompanied by the harp

       Minuetto from L'Arlesienne Suite No.1 (Bizet) French Horn Harp Flute

1    The first section of the minuet is a sprightly tune in C minor

2    the second section is a slow melody in Ab major

       Nocturne, from Carmen Suite (Bizet) Voice ChoirVoices

1    Main theme introduced by the horn, then taken up by a solo violin.

       Pastorale from L'Arlesienne Suite No.2 (Bizet) French Horn Harp Flute

1    Main tune

       Prelude or Overture to L'Arlesienne Suite No.1. (Bizet) French Horn Harp Flute

1    The overture/prelude opens with an energetic tutti in C minor

2    It is followed by a lyrical calm tune in Ab major.

       Prelude to Act I - March., from Carmen Suite (Bizet) Voice ChoirVoices

1    A vigorous march tune played by the orchestral tutti.

       Sequidilla, "Pres des Ramparts de Seville" from Carmen Suite (Bizet) Voice ChoirVoices

1    Main tune as sung by Carmen

       Symphony in C, 1st movement Allegro Vivo (Bizet)

1    First theme

2    Second theme

3    Third theme

       Symphony in C, 2nd movement Adagio (Bizet)

1    After a brief chordal intro, this first theme sounds from the oboes, accompanied by pizzicato strings.

2    A smooth soaring theme in the high violins in the relative major key.

       Symphony in C, 3rd movement, allegro vivace. (Bizet)

1    Main theme

       Symphony in C, 4th movement, Allegro vivace. (Bizet)

1    First theme

2    Second theme

3    Third theme

       Toreador's Song "Votre Toast" (Sung version) from Carmen. (Bizet) Voice ChoirVoices

1    One of the most well-known tunes from Carmen.

       Toreador's Song from Carmen (3rd theme of prelude to Act I) "Votre Toast" (Bizet) Voice ChoirVoices

1    This extremely well known march tune is introduced on the trumpet.

       Bailero from Songs of the Auvergne (Canteloube)

1    Bailero from Songs of the Auvergne

2    This is the soprano tune of Bailero.

       Espana Rhapsody Themes (Chabrier)

1    First main theme, imitating castanets.

2    Second theme

3    Third theme

4    Fourth theme

5    Fifth theme

       Habanera (Chabrier) Piano

1    Habanera

       Callirhoè (Air de ballet) (Chaminade) Piano

1    Main theme

       Scarf Dance (Chaminade) Piano

1    Main theme

       Serenade Op 29 (Chaminade) Piano

1    Main theme

       The Flatt'rer (La Lisonjera) (Chaminade) Piano

1    Main theme

       Romance, La Pazza Per Amore (Dalayrac) Piano

1    Main theme

       Les Fifres (The Fifes) (Dandrieu) Piano

1    Main theme

       Arabesque No.1 in E (Debussy) Piano

1    First theme

2    Second theme

3    Third theme

       Clair de Lune from Suite Bergamasque (Debussy) Piano

1    Main theme

       Girl with the Flaxen Hair (Preludes Book 1 No.8) (Debussy) Piano

1    Girl with the Flaxen Hair (Preludes Book 1 No 8)

       L'Après-midi d'une Faune (Debussy) Flute

1    Main theme

       Rêverie (Debussy) Piano

1    First theme

2    Second theme

       Coppelia Ballet - Czardas (Delibes) Strings

1    Czardas theme 1

2    Czardas theme 2

       Coppelia ballet, Act I, Prelude (Delibes) Strings

1    Prelude, 1st theme in 4/4 time.

2    Prelude, 2nd theme - main waltz theme

3    3rd theme of Prelude - (Mazurka theme)

       Coppelia Ballet, Waltz (Delibes) Strings

1    Coppelia Ballet, Waltz

       Flower Duet from Lakmé (Delibes) Voice

1    This is the upper part of the duet for two sopranos

2    This is the lower part of the duet for two sopranos

       Sylvia - Bacchus March (Delibes)

1    Main theme of Bacchus's March

       Sylvia - Chasseresses (Delibes)

1    Main theme

       Sylvia - Pizzicato (Delibes)

1    Main theme

       Sylvia - Prelude (Delibes)

1    Main slow theme, tutti

       Sylvia - Valse Lente (Delibes)

1    Main theme

       The Maids of Cadiz (Delibes) Voice

1    Main theme

       Theme Slave from Act 1 of Coppelia Ballet (Delibes) Strings

1    Theme Slave - theme 1

       Cerdaña 1. En Tartane (L'Arrivée En Cerdagne). (De-Séverac) Piano

1    Introductory free-flowing arpeggios.

       Cerdaña 2. Les Fetes (Souvenir De Puigcerda) (De-Séverac) Piano

1    Very quiet introductory passage

       Cerdaña 3. Menetriers Et Glaneuses (Souvenir D'Un Pelerinage À Font-Romeu) (De-Séverac) Piano

1    A dramatic start to a lively movement.

       Cerdaña 4. Les Muletiers Devant Le Christ De Llivia (Complainte) (De-Séverac) Piano

1    con dolore.

       Cerdaña 5. Le Retour Des Muletiers (De-Séverac) Piano

1    Allegro

       Sorcerer's Apprentice ( L'Apprenti Sorcier) (Dukas) Bassoon Clarinet Muted Trumpet

1    Mystical introduction theme

2    Sorcerer's Apprentice, main comic tune on bassoon.

3    Third theme, lots of activity.

       Valse in Eb (Durand) Piano

1    Valse in Eb

       Agnus Dei from requiem (Fauré) ChoirVoices

1    The tenor entry in Agnus Dei from requiem

       Berceuse from Dolly Suite Op 56 (Fauré) Piano

1    Berceuse from Dolly Suite Op 56

       Cantique de Jean Racine (Fauré) ChoirVoices Organ

1    Cantique de Jean Racine

       Le Pas Espagnol (Fauré) Piano

1    First theme

2    Second theme

       Pavanne in F# Minor for orchestra Op 50 (Fauré) Pizzicato Strings Flute

1    Main theme

       Sicilienne Op 78 (Fauré) Flute Harp

1    Main tune

       Gavotte (Gossec) Clarinet Piano

1    First theme

2    Second theme

       Ave Maria (based on Bach's Prelude in C) (Gounod) Voice Strings

1    Ave Maria (based on Bach's Prelude in C)

       Je veux vivre dans ce rêve qui m'enivre, from Romeo and Juliet. (Gounod) Voice

1    Main waltz tune introduced by the soprano after a brief orchestral introduction.

       Jewel Song from Faust (Gounod) Violin Piano

1    Theme, after the initial trill and ascending scale.

       March from Faust (Gounod)

1    March from Faust

       La Marseillaise (Lisle) Piano

1    French national anthem

       Aragonaise from Le Cid (Massenet) Flute

1    Aragonaise from Le Cid

       Castillane from Le Cid (Massenet) Flute

1    Main theme

       Meditation from Thais (Massenet) Violin Piano

1    Meditation from Thais

       Mouvement perpetuels (Poulenc) Piano

1    Movement 1

2    Movement 2

3    Movement 3

       Le rappel des oiseaux (Rameau) Piano

1    Main theme

       Musette (Rameau) Harpsichord

1    Main theme

       Tambourin (Rameau) Harpsichord

1    Main theme

       Bolero (Ravel) EnglishHorn SaxAlto

1    Bolero, main theme, first on flutes, then clarinets.

2    Second theme, on alto saxophone.

       Introduction et Allegro (Ravel) Harp Flute Violin

1    Intro, 1st theme-A, flute, then later by violins

2    Intro, 1st theme-B, violins, then flute

3    Intro, 2nd theme, cello

4    Allegro, 1st theme, harp.

5    Allegro, 2nd theme, low register of flute

       La Valse (Ravel)

1    Very quiet introduction by cellos and basses

2    The very luscious main waltz theme, played by the violins.

3    Third theme, a boiterous tutti.

4    Fourth theme, a sweeping violin tune.

5    Fifth theme, lyrical on violins.

6    Sixth theme, on oboes

7    Seventh theme, mellow cellos.

8    Eighth theme, soaring violins.

       Pavanne for a Dead Infanta (Ravel) French Horn

1    First theme

       Danse Macabre (Saint-Saens)

1    Flutes introduce 'dance of the bones'

2    A solo violin introduces the second theme.

       Mon Coeur s'ouvre a ta voix, from Samson et Dalila (Saint-Saens) Voice

1    Introductory theme

2    The second and most beautiful theme of this aria

       Piano Concerto No.1, 1st movement Andante - allegro assai (Saint-Saens) Piano

1    First theme on French Horns - andante

2    Second theme on strings - allegro assai

       Piano Concerto No.1, 2nd movement - andante sostenuto quasi adagio (Saint-Saens) Piano

1    First theme on piano

       Piano Concerto No.1, 3rd movement - allegro con fuoco (Saint-Saens) Piano

1    A very fiery start with heavy piano chords and scales.

       Piano Concerto No.2 in G Minor Op 22 1st movement (Saint-Saens) Piano

1    The long and virtuosic introductory solo piano passage has no barlines, it is marked 'ad libitum'.

2    This main theme establishes the G minor tonality with a few bars of a Chopinesque accompaniment figure, which continues underneath a sad but lyrical melody.

       Piano Concerto No.2 in G Minor Op 22 2nd movement Allegro Scherzando (Saint-Saens) Piano

1    First main theme, a jolly lilting melody on the piano, then taken up by the strings.

2    This 2nd theme is another bouncy tune, intoduced on the cellos, then taken up by the piano.

       Piano Concerto No.2 in G Minor Op 22 3rd movement (Saint-Saens) Piano

1    First theme

       Suite Algerienne, 3rd movement. Reverie du Soir. Allegro - andantino (Saint-Saens)

1    Intro to Reverie du soir

2    Main tune of Reverie du soir

       Suite Algerienne, 4th movement. Marche Militaire Francaise. (Saint-Saens)

1    First theme

2    Second theme

       The Swan, from Carnival of the Animals (Saint-Saens) Cello Double Bass

1    The Swan, from Carnival of the Animals

       Gymnopédie No.1 (Satie) Piano

1    Gymnopedie No.1

       Gymnopédie No.2 (Satie) Piano

1    Main theme

       Gymnopédie No.3 (Satie) Piano

1    Main theme

       Angels from the Realms of Glory (Various) Violin Viola Cello

1    Verse theme

2    Chorus theme

       Au Clair de la Lune (Various) Clarinet

1    Main theme

       Autumn Leaves (Various) Piano

1    main theme

       Ding Dong Merrily on High (Various) ChoirVoices

1    Verse

2    Chorus

       For He's a Jolly Good Fellow (Various) Piano

1    Main tune

       Frère Jacques (Various) Oboe Clarinet French Horn

1    Frère Jacques

       Il était une Bergère (Various) EnglishHorn Violin Viola

1    Il était une Bergère

       Sur Le Pont (Various) Piano

1    Sur Le Pont

       Skaters' Waltz "Die Schlittschuhläufer" (Les Patineurs) (Waldteufel)

1    Waltz No 1 - a gliding tune.

2    2nd theme in waltz No 1. Seems to be spinning around fast!

3    Waltz No 2 has great leaps in it.

4    Waltz No 3 - gliding once again.

5    Waltz No 4.

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