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Three-Part Invention No.12 in A Bach Hilfe Details des Opus
Für Feedback und Fragen wenden Sie sich bitte Victor Gomersall.
Bach wrote all his 3 and 2-part inventions for his pupils as preparation for his larger works, such as the 'Well-Tempered Clavichord". Few if any present-day works intended for such a purpose can match Bach's skill in creating independent parts for left hand, right hand, and the middle part, split between the two hands. Mastery of these works will develop both the physical dexterity of the pianist's fingers, and his/her musical taste.

This arrangement of Bach's 12th 3 part Invention, for flute, clarinet and bassoon, by Victor Gomersall, attempts to separate the tone of the 3 parts from each other, making it easier for the listener to pick out Bach's independent tunes. It is purely a transcription, every note is 100% faithful to Bach's original. But when this work is heard played on a harpsichord or piano, it is more difficult to distinguish the independent lines of melody.
Category: Chamber Music Trio Featuring Flute Baroque Period
Time Signature 4 /4 Key Signature   A Major also featuring Clarinet, Bassoon Wiedergabe mit MP3-Player unten.

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